the videos of the conference of March 8, 2022

the videos of the conference of March 8, 2022

Last Tuesday evening, Apple held an event where it revealed new products: a new iPhone SE 5G, a new iPad Air M1, new green iPhone 13s, a new Mac Studio and a new Studio Display. In about an hour of video, all these new features have been presented and put into practice. Virtual Keynote obliges, once again, different clips punctuated the presentation, with a Hollywood movie trailer style, always appreciable.

But you may not have been able to attend this Apple Event, or did you miss a detail. Or, it went too fast and you would like to review the presentation. That’s why we offer you this article, in which you can find different videos to catch up.

Below, you can see the full video of the conference, an 8-minute summary, but also clips highlighting some of the new features more specifically. Please know that we have also published a full keynote summary, detailing all the announcements. We obviously invite you to consult it!

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Relive the Keynote: in full or in summary

As usual, Apple posted on its official youtube channel the full video of the presentation:

The presentation is not very long, about less than an hour. But if you don’t have time, go to our Lemon Press conifers. They published a YouTube video condensing Apple’s various announcements into 8 minutes, brilliantly:

Apple videos seen at the event

Apple also punctuated its presentation with numerous announcement videos. These are available on the YouTube channel of the American firm. Here they are :

The new iPhone SE 5G

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in green

The new iPad Air M1

The new Apple silicon M1 Ultra chip

The new Mac Studio and Studio Display

Extracts from the conference

Finally, you can also take a look at the side of the CNET Highlights YouTube channel. This offers short videos of the highlights of the Apple conference. The interest is there to relive each moment of the Keynote during which a novelty is unveiled:

Announcement of the new finishes for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

Announcing the new iPhone SE

Announcing the new iPad Air M1

Announcing the new M1 Ultra chip

Announcing the new Mac Studio

Announcing the new Studio Display

Announcing new Apple TV+ content

Even more Mac Studio and Studio Display

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Announcement for Apple TV+ and the American Baseball League

If you want to know more about the announcements made on Tuesday, we invite you to read our full keynote summary and follow us as we break down the new products in the coming hours and days.

Apple iPad Air 4

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