the “virtual reality” version will come to PC

the "virtual reality" version will come to PC

Although we had already played it in PC support and in video consoles, the mechanical simulation video game Car Mechanic Simulator it’s going to experience a revolution so put on your overalls and get ready to be smeared with oil, grease and rust your VR glasses.

As you already know, it is a quite realistic simulator of what has been the business of a workshop. As a workshop owner, you will start with a small store, a lift, a wheel assembler, a shock absorber compressor and a ratchet and as you earn experience points and game points, you can unlock diagnostic tools and tests that will help you to improve the speed of finding and solving problems.

The orders will come to your phone and you will have to solve daily checks, oil and filter changes, replacement of belts, replacement of damping elements, silentblocks, scale lines and much more. Little by little, as you level up, the breakdowns will become more complicated and you will receive vehicles whose owners will tell you various stories with which they try to help you find the problem. Stories like: “the car won’t start and when it does it makes a lot of noise and I wake up the neighbors”, “I’ve caught a bump and now the car is bad” or “I bought this car and I want to get it ready.”

Each mission offers its own unique criteria, different difficulties, and time constraints; Car Mechanic Simulator will put your skills to the test while wearing the overalls.

With wide variety of vehicles (48) -some in collaboration with brands such as Mazda or Jeep and others with well-known Audi and Volkswagen designs but with a white label-, multitude of tools (more than 10) and a arsenal of vehicle parts (more than 1000, of different brands for different models and some to prepare the vehicle) -which you can search through your workshop tablet or desktop computer-.

The VR version of the game is about to drop and waiting for more details, we leave you the video of the trailer …

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