The Volkswagen ID.5 debuts in Germany: From € 46,515

The Volkswagen ID.5 debuts in Germany: From € 46,515

Don’t expect the new Volkswagen ID.5 to have competitive prices on Spanish soil. Although we still do not know the rates for the national market, in Germany the orders have been opened and it lands with costs that will distance it a lot from the majority of users.

The initial offer of the Volkswagen ID.5 consists of the entry version with a 100% electric block that develops 174 hp, and a more performance option with 204 hp. In both cases it is included 77 kWh capacity battery. If you opt for the ID.5 GTX it can only be ordered with 299 hp mechanics and identical battery.

The Volkswagen ID.5 debuts in Germany: From € 46,515

To somehow justify the high starting price, the Volkswagen ID.5 comes with a lot of equipment (and the aforementioned higher capacity battery that gives it 521 km of autonomy). As standard they have LED headlights, lane alert and assistant, pre-collision warning, fatigue and pedestrian detector, signal reader, parking sensors and alloy wheels.

Also standard in all versions are power windows and mirrors, multimedia system with navigator, touch screen, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, bluetooth, keyless access and start, driving mode selector, rain sensor, etc.

The Volkswagen ID.5 debuts in Germany: From € 46,515

Despite starting at a high price, the ID.5 it does not come out badly when compared with the other electric of the brand since they include a lot of standard equipment and always carry the battery with the highest capacity. Somewhat later the family will be completed with more affordable versions.

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Prices in Germany at the moment are as follows:

  • BEV 174 CV AT Pro € 46,515
  • BEV 204 CV AT Pro Perfomance Upgrade € 47,550
  • BEV 299 CV AT GTX € 53,615

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