The VPS server, the best way to host your site!

Les serveurs VPS, le meilleur moyen d’héberger votre site !

The acronym VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. Very popular, it is one of the best accommodation options around.

The VPS server uses virtualization technology to provide the resources to multiple users. More secure and reliable than shared hosting, it is also the cheapest solution.

How do VPSs work?

The server, whatever its form, is a computer that stores information about your website. As soon as a visitor accesses your website, their browser sends a request to your server. A file transfer takes place and your visitor can surf freely on your web space. This type of hosting then provides a virtual server that simulates a physical server. In addition, this technology offers the possibility of partitioning the server and thus using its own operating system.

Thus, your VPS server may or may not be equipped with a Cpanel. This control panel is an operating system offering all the tools necessary to configure your site. It provides quick access to the various CMS, customizable messaging or even security access to your server.

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These accesses are essential if you do not have any technical knowledge in server programming. Otherwise, if you are using your own operating system, a lot of technical knowledge will be essential to secure your site as much as possible.

Fully controllable, the VPS server promotes the configuration of your website and offers it a secure receptacle with reliable resources. Indeed, the memory, disk space or even the processor of this server are not shared between users. A gain in power felt by visitors to your website.

What are the different types of accommodation available?

VPS is not the only hosting solution available on the market. Indeed, there are 3 different types of servers, all using different technology. Among these we have:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. The cloud
  3. Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is a practical and economical solution for site owners who do not have high traffic. This type of server is perfect for a blogger or a small business. The physical server benefits from shared hosting between the different clients of the hosting company. There is a sharing of resources. So if your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, resources go to sites with more traffic.

The cloud gives you access to a cluster that stores an updated copy of your website. To put it simply, when a server is too busy, the cluster sends your traffic to another more free server. This infrastructure in the cloud applies to a VPS offering your visitors significant speed on your web space.

What is Cloud Computing? What is it used for ?

Finally, dedicated hosting gives you the use of a full server that can be rented by your business. This solution is ideal for sites with high traffic. However, going through a dedicated server is not given to everyone. Indeed, in addition to the very high cost of this type of accommodation, it will not be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses.

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What are the advantages of choosing a VPS server?

VPS hosting is THE ideal solution, customizable and adapted to all customer profiles. The VPS has many advantages that it is good to highlight. Indeed, this server is:

  • Faster and more reliable than a shared hosting server.
  • Immune against traffic peaks that could slow down the site or significantly affected (crash, shutdown, etc.).
  • Equipped with dedicated memory that gives your available resources zero fluctuation.
  • More confidential, your files and your databases are completely locked and secured against attacks.
  • Easy to set up, you can also upgrade all of your server’s resources.

If this server has qualities, it also has some flaws. In the most notable, we find:

  • A server more expensive than the others in shared hosting
  • The need for technical network knowledge to improve your VPS

The list of negative points is less, but note all the same that a bad configuration favors security vulnerabilities.

VPS server: what to remember!

VPS hosting gives you full control and gives you access to resources that will help your site in hosting. An excellent solution for websites with medium traffic, VPS is a complete, reliable and economical service. However, without a professional installation, it will be difficult to properly configure this server. Our agency offers you a professional hosting service to install your site on the net.

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