The way the announcer narrates his recipes makes them a success

La forma en la que locutor narra sus recetas de cocina las vuelve un éxito

Javi Rosemberg is a passionate announcer of cooking.

Photo: Javier Rosemberg / Courtesy

Javier Rosemberg a radio announcer originally from Córdoba (Argentina) has turned his recipes for food he shares into Instagram and TikTok in a success. They are easy recipes, with desserts, savory dishes and snacks, attractive to the eye, whimsical. Perhaps one of the keys to making your videos popular is that the directions are presented in such a way creative and enthusiastic, as if he were narrating a soccer game.

The format of Javi’s videos is very short, between 15 seconds and a maximum of one minute. The recipes are perfectly explained in a Step by Step in a short time, which is one more attraction for users of social networks.

Rosemberg’s Instagram account where he describes himself as an announcer and “cook” has more than 400,000 followers and his recipes accumulate hundreds of thousands of reproductions. In TikTok reaches 2.7 million followers and the reproductions of its preparations also add up to millions.

Rosemberg has combined her two passions, voice over and cooking. It has a program every afternoon on FM Córdoba “I went up to take you” and through the networks he shows his best recipes to pass this quarantine, he has created a bond with people. By cooking in an entertaining way, people disconnect from their problems and relax, based on their experience.

The announcer always advises: “do not leave for tomorrow what you can grill today”. He also usually shares his favorite phrase: “eat and drink that life is short.”

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Javi is no improviser in the kitchen. Ever since he was a boy Rosemberg has enjoyed cooking, he has cookbooks, He has taken gastronomy courses and is a professional pastry chef. Cooking is one of her favorite hobbies.

Have you already dared to prepare any of your recipes?


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