the year of mini-LED technology?

mini led

New screen technology is on everyone’s lips. While it has never appeared on any Apple product yet, some customers of the Apple brand are already dreaming of an iPhone with a mini-LED screen for this year 2021. If this prediction is unlikely to succeed , this technology should nevertheless punctuate our year.

Announced for several months as one of the main technical and technological developments of the year, the mini-LED is now expected at the turn. It is supposed to offer better contrasts, better image quality, but also deeper colors. A plus, compared to the OLED, which currently has Apple’s preferences.

But the mini-LED also has its flaws. If the contrasts can be a strong point of this technology, the LEDs are not controlled one by one, but by zone, the image could lose in sharpness by place, especially in scenes with a lot of action.

But the great advantage of using LEDs is also the weak point of OLED: the maximum brightness of the screen. Indeed, the OLED has few defects, but if, over the years, only one were to emerge, it would certainly be the brightness of the screen, too low and not suitable for all situations. With the use of mini-LED technology on its products, Apple could solve this problem and provide better convenience for its customers.

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Which Apple products will be entitled to the mini-LED?

In 2021 several Apple brand products should make the switch to mini-LED technology. Among them, the first to do so will surely be the iPad Pro. Apple’s tablet is expected to arrive in the first half of 2021 with this mini-LED technology.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, we can expect a new MacBook Pro to hit the market in 2021, and, according to the analyst, the latter will also be equipped with the new screen technology.

But when it comes to iPhones, opinions are divided. If some think that from 2021 they will welcome a mini-LED panel. The majority of opinions seem to be turning to another option. Indeed, Apple would like to test this new technology with the release of an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro. Then in a second step, and depending on customer feedback, Apple could transpose this mini-LED panel to iPhones, but it would then be more for 2022 or 2023.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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