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their benefits for the child / baby


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The benefits of songs and nursery rhymes for babies

Listening to music helps your baby grow in all possible ways. Indeed, a stimulating musical environment can greatly contribute to the cognitive and sensory development of a child. Singing is better than talking to calm and reassure your baby, according to a study. So even if you sing like a pan, you shouldn’t help but sing a few lullabies and other nursery rhymes to your baby. Overview of the benefits of music for your baby’s development.

Why does your baby need music?

Listening to music helps your baby grow taller. Babies love songs and rhythms. Like adults, they benefit greatly from a musical environment. In contrast, scientists have found that the effect of music on babies’ young minds is far greater than one might imagine. Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional and intellectual development of babies and children, and strengthens cognitive and sensory development.

As a parent, therefore, you should not underestimate the effect that music has on your child’s development. As you will have understood, the best is to start from the first moments of life. You can purchase CDs, CD-books or DVDs containing sweet songs for babies to help your child enjoy a reassuring environment, and bond with you through your voice. Note that there is baby songs suitable for all age groups.

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For around ten euros, you can benefit from more than thirty sweet baby songs that will be your allies for your bedtime ritual. There are also sites that offer baby songs designed by early childhood specialists, making it possible to combine listening with playing.

The amazing effect music has on the mind begins even before birth. Studies have shown that children exposed to classical music in the womb exhibit a positive change in their physical and mental development after birth. In one experiment, fetuses were exposed to 70 hours of classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy. At six months, these babies were more advanced in terms of motor skills and linguistic and intellectual development than the babies who had not received any musical stimuli.

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Babies are born with 100 billion poorly connected nerve cells in their bodies. Various cognitive and mental experiences help to establish and strengthen intercellular connections in the brain. Scientists believe that listening to music promotes brain development.

The benefits of songs and nursery rhymes for babies

The Effects of Music on Children’s Development

The positive effects of music on babies and children are surprisingly diverse, encouraging their development both mentally and physically. Listening to and playing music for your baby can help her develop many skills, ranging from general skills such as creativity to specific skills such as spatial intelligence.

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Music, the ally of creativity

A study found that 3- to 4-year-olds who were immersed in a musical universe scored higher for creativity than children of the same age who had no musical training.

Memory and music

Three month old babies can use music to remember things they have learned. Scientists are convinced that music gives meaning to the learning process and helps memorization.

Spatial intelligence and musical sounds

Spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive different relationships in space and to understand the visual world. According to a study of young children, those who received piano lessons had a 34% higher success rate than other children who performed other activities to complete a puzzle.

Mathematical skills

A child who loves music and who evolves in a musical universe would have more important math skills than his peers. Part of the connection between music and math is believed to be that music helps children understand math concepts.

Nursery rhymes and songs: their benefits for the child / baby

Nursery rhymes and songs: their benefits for the child / baby

Music helps develop language

There is a strong link between music and linguistic development. Both of these skills require the ability to differentiate auditory nuances and similar sounds, such as “B” and “P”. Listening to music greatly contributes to the development of this skill in babies. It also helps develop the ability to decode auditory data and sharpen your child’s auditory memory, skills that are fundamental for language comprehension.

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When music develops emotional intelligence

Music can arouse strong emotions. By listening to expressive classical music, babies hone their ability to sense the moods and emotions of others, while developing awareness of their own inner processes through the nuances of feelings evoked by music.

Learning new words

When you sing to your baby and hold him in your arms, you are helping him learn new vocabulary. If you use a toy when you sing to your baby, he will learn to associate the name of that toy with the words you sing. When you sing along to body parts and kiss your baby’s feet or tickle their tummy, it helps them relate the lyrics of the song to your gestures.

Also, singing to your baby will help you bond with yourself and your voice. It is also a good way to show him all the love you have for him. Additionally, babies feel secure when life is predictable. Songs for waking up, sleeping, and other routine transitions and activities help them know what’s coming next and allow them to stay calm and be confident.


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