Apple Watch There are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwide

There are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwide


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The figure comes from analyst Neil Cybart of Above Avalon, who, in his latest report, announces that the symbolic mark of 100 million Apple Watch owners has been exceeded by Apple. More precisely, he thinks that this figure was reached last December, thanks in particular to the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE and Apple Fitness +, the first service from the Cupertino company that really puts the connected watch in the foreground.

The Apple Watch was launched in 2014, it has been growing in popularity ever since. Tim Cook recently congratulated himself on the success of his watch, making Apple the number one watch brand in the world, ahead of the historic Swiss brands in the sector.

Apple has also benefited from the lack of competition in this sector connected watches to get a head start against manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei which, although present on the market today, cannot be serious competitors for the Apple.

One in 10 iPhone owners have an Apple Watch

The report highlights that 2020 has been a particularly successful year for Apple Watch. The latter has managed to convince nearly 30 million new customers, more than the three years following its launch (2015-16-17). Today Neil Cybart estimates that one in 10 owners of an iPhone also has an Apple Watch. This shows on the one hand the great success of the product which has become widely democratized, and on the other hand, the still enormous margin of people who only own the Apple phone.

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A figure which also hides great disparities from one country to another. The proportion of people owning an iPhone who also have an Apple Watch is 35% in the United States, the country of Uncle Sam still being the first market for the watch, even if the latter is increasingly exported.

The windfall of the lack of competition?

With the Apple Watch as with the AirPods, Apple has managed to establish itself as the benchmark in its field and to become the ultimate product in this sector. If the price of Apple watches or headphones is much higher than those of the competition, they are still selling just as well in 2020, while all the major high-tech brands have entered the market, with more or less successful products.

For Neil Cybart, Apple Watch sales are unlikely to drop or level off in the next few years, especially if the Cupertino company continues to produce new, original features within its watch. The development of the latter is a central point for analyzing the future evolution of Apple’s sales.

While the rumor of a sensor that can measure blood sugar levels is a good sign of improvement for Apple, which could open its product to new customers, functions like unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch , as is currently being tested in the beta of iOS 14.5, should allow sales of the watch to be sustained for years to come.

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- Advertisement -There are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwideThere are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwide

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- Advertisement -There are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwideThere are 100 million Apple Watch users worldwide

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