there will be no iPadOS 16 at the September keynote

iPadOS 16

We used to see iPadOS land at the same time as iOS, since the debut of tablet software in 2019. The experience will not be repeated this year. This is what Apple has just implicitly confirmed to TechCrunch during an exclusive interview, where the firm explains that the program will actually be released later than its cousin for iPhone.

Evidenced by the publication ofiPadOS 16.1 in beta just last night, even though a stable edition of version 16 is still awaited by both developers and advanced users. According to rumors, this delay is actually due to errors on the side of Stage Manager. If this feature does not ring a bell, know that it is a total overhaul of the app selector, which combines Mission Control, custom resizing of windows and overlay. A little preview in video, bugs included:

For all time ?

The turn of phrase used by Apple (in English) to announce the lag of iPadOS 16 questions: it seems that the phenomenon could happen again in the future. The publisher ensures that the operating system is now entitled to his “own” deployment schedule. However, this may not satisfy the creators of third-party apps…

To understand why, we must look at the strategy of small studios who wish to make their platform available on both iPad and iPhone in order to reach as many people as possible, with two birds with one stone. To do this, there is a relatively simple solution: the design of apps called universal, that is to say which require only one code to then automatically decline into an iPad version and an iPhone version. A compromised process if the operating systems come out of phase.

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See you in October

Unfortunately, Apple has not specified when exactly iPadOS 16.1 will be released, so we will have to wait for a second announcement. This could take place during a keynote organized during the month of October according to the most reliable information on this subject. New tablets would emerge at the same time, as would MacBooks and macOS Ventura.

Until then, you can always try to test the betas.

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