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there will be no newly developed mechanics


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They have demonized diesel and as a consequence, people don’t want this fuel, so sales have fallen drastically to the point that smany manufacturers have decided to end their relationship with this fuel.

The last to break the news as commented Korea JoongAng Daily has been Hyundai that from what the aforementioned medium comments, will not develop new diesel mechanics from now on.

Hyundai basically has abandoned the development of new engines diesel. Although next-generation engines are not in the development process, we already know that there will be no new diesels and it will be the diesels that we know today in the manufacturer’s range that will be updated during the next generations.

Though You will be able to buy Hyundai brand diesel vehicles for a few more years, these engines will not be “newly developed” -but don’t worry, they will comply with the regulations imposed by governments and unions-.

When it comes to gasoline engines, these are still relevant and what they have commented is that Hyundai will manufacture hybrids and plug-in hybrids for many years. In consecuense, gasoline engines will continue to be in the brand’s engine development plans.

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It is expected that the Euro 7 emission standard comes into force in the middle of the decade, so that all car manufacturers that sell vehicles in the Old Continent will have to adjust to practically unattainable limits of particles, nitrogen oxides and CO2, so we hope that Hyundai will not be the only manufacturer to surprise us in this regard in the coming months and years – remember that Hyundai already has.

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As we have already told you before, Hyundai has promised to have 23 fully electric models on sale by 2025 And therefore, we understand that as these are gaining strength, it will be the internal combustion models – and above all, the diesel ones – that fall precipitously.



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