There would be a small problem with the screen of the iPad mini 6


Update September 29, 2021: Apple has communicated about what is (to some) akin to an iPad mini screen malfunction. According to the Californian giant, there is no need to worry, everything works normally and these slight jerks (barely noticeable, it must be said) are not at all a problem.

While the iPhone 13 is an upgraded version of the iPhone 12, theiPad mini 6, which Apple also unveiled during its last keynote, is a complete overhaul compared to its predecessor. Indeed, this model adopts the same modern design as the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 4, with thinner borders.

In addition, the iPad mini 6 uses the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13, which guarantees good performance, and if you do a lot of video conferences, the front camera has been optimized for this purpose. Indeed, it is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor that takes advantage of the Center Stage functionality.

In essence, this new iPad mini has it all. Nevertheless, after reading this article, you might be hesitant to purchase this model, just yet.

Indeed, while the first units are delivered to Apple customers, some have noticed a bug that affects the operation of the screen. In portrait mode, when scrolling, the screen refreshes more slowly on one side than on the other.

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Barely visible ?

Result, we have a weird effect called “jelly scrolling”. The 9to5Mac site explains that one of its readers would have noticed this problem and would have gone to an Apple Store to try to have his iPad mini 6 repaired. the same problem.

This “jelly scrolling” effect is very well explained by Dieter Bohn, journalist for The Verge, who also noticed the problem on the iPad mini 6. “I didn’t see if anyone else reported it, but I see that when scrolling in portrait mode with a lot of text on the screen, there is a little jelly scroll, where one side is moves faster than the other. It’s subtle enough that I have trouble filming it, but it’s there “, he writes.

In order to highlight this dysfunction, Bohn had to take a slow motion video which he had to slow down further. “In normal use you barely see it, but every now and then it becomes noticeable. In the landscape it goes entirely away ”, he adds.

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So, it is possible that many users did not even notice this problem. For the moment, we do not know if this is due to a hardware problem or a problem with the software.

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