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Since the start of the pandemic, the issue of telecommuting and office work has been a real bone of contention at Apple. If the management seems to prefer that its employees return to the site as soon as possible, some employees wish to retain the possibility of working remotely.

The Apple Together group, a collective of employees who defends this position, has just published an open letter. This organization has already made itself known at the end of 2021 by organizing a social movement in the shops as Christmas approaches.

Steve Jobs invoked to justify telecommuting

In this 1,800-word long document, they state in particular that the hybrid work policy advocated by management ” is a smokescreen and often a setback in flexibility for many of our teams…. Requiring everyone to return to the office where their team happens to be based, and to be in the office at least 3 fixed days of the week, will change the composition of our staff. »

They add :

This will lead to privileges deciding who can work for Apple, not the best match. Privileges like being born in the right place so you don’t have to move, or being young enough to start a new life in a new city/country or having a stay-at-home spouse who will move with you.

According to them, this risks harming diversity within the company and will make Apple younger, whiter, male dominated “. Even more surprising, the disgruntled employees even go so far as to quote Steve Jobs to serve their argument. He asserted, in fact: It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do “.

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And the employees conclude: “ Here we are, the smart people you’ve hired, and we’re telling you what you need to do: Please get out of our way, there’s no one size fits all, let us decide how we work it out. better, and let us do the best work of our lives. »

Not sure that the management of Apple hears it that way and the latest positions seemed to indicate firmly that it wanted a return to work in the office for its employees.

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