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These Apple products that we probably won’t see in 2021


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Yesterday, we detailed all the Apple products that could likely be released in 2021. All this while re-crossing the rumors and predictions of analysts specializing in Californian in recent months.

Likewise, we can consider the absence of certain new Apple products in 2021, which have been expected for a while. Some of them will appear the following year, others later.

Here are the Apple products that should not see the light of day in 2021.

A new iPhone SE

In 2020 an iPhone SE was released, 4 years after the first version of 2016. This iPhone model with Touch ID took over the case and design of the iPhone 8, with updated components, including the processor. See our full 2020 iPhone SE sheet here.

Even though there are rumors that a new iPhone SE with 5G will appear this year, it is better not to wait for a renewal so soon. Indeed, the iPhone SE does not seem to be Apple’s priority given the gap between the first and second generation of the phone. In addition, according to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, no iPhone SE is expected by summer 2021. Since the other half of the year is normally scheduled for the release of the new iPhone Face IDs, this would like to say that the Cupertino company would not have planned an iPhone SE this year.

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We would have to wait until at least 2022 to get our hands on a new generation iPhone SE, possibly with new features for the camera, 5G and a new design with a screen size of 5.5 inches.

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A new MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was renewed twice in 2020. A first time in March with an update of the keyboard (and the switch to scissor mechanism keys technology), a second time in November with a switch to the Apple Silicon architecture and to the Apple M1 processor.

It would therefore be very surprising if a new generation arrives this year. Apple also has many other Mac models to update in the coming months, such as the 13 ″ MacBook Pro, the iMac, the 16 ″ MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro. In addition, still according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a MacBook Air with a mini-LED screen is scheduled for 2022.

Apple Glass: unlikely

Unsplash / Bud Helisson x

Several rumors about Apple glasses were heard in 2020, integration of LiDAR technology, price and specific OS in particular. We also heard about a possible release in 2021 according to certain subcontractors. Even Ming-Chi Kuo yesterday suggested that a new augmented reality project could emerge this year at Apple. But given the poverty and uncertainty of sources about the Apple Glass project at the moment, a release of the product this year seems very unlikely.

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Find all the rumors about it here.

foldable screen iPhone

While Samsung, Apple’s major competitor, has invested fearlessly in the marketing of folding smartphones, at the Cupertino giant, caution seems in order. At this point, several rumors claim that a folding iPhone project would be well under study in the Californian’s laboratories. The Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, not always very reliable in terms of Apple prediction, even claims that such a project could see the light of day in 2022.

But even in the event that some foldable screen suppliers are already in contact with Apple, 2021 seems far too early for the appearance of a folding iPhone. In addition, apart from Samsung, the competition seems rather cautious in terms of foldable screen. The folding smartphone models available on the market can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Not sure yet that the technology is interesting enough for Apple in the end.

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Apple Car: too early

While a rumor published at the end of December had panicked the web and the stock market by affirming that the Apple Car project could be presented this year, analysts have more recently clarified things. Ming-Chi Kuo is rather counting on 2023 at least to see what Apple is preparing for us in terms of autonomous cars. Other analyzes and rumors have in the past bet on an arrival of the Apple Car in 2022 at the earliest. According to us and by crossing different sources, no Apple Car to wait for 2021, therefore. To follow the Apple Car project, it’s here.

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Would you like to see one of these hypothetical Apple projects see the light of day in 2021?

Also read: our recap of all Apple products released in 2020.

These Apple products that we probably won't see in 2021

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- Advertisement -These Apple products that we probably won't see in 2021These Apple products that we probably won't see in 2021

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- Advertisement -These Apple products that we probably won't see in 2021These Apple products that we probably won't see in 2021

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