7 most common sexual problems

Most common sexual problems

When a couple has been together for a long time may lose some intensity in bed, either due to lack of time, tiredness from work and children, or because of how monotonous the relationship is when making love.

Then cool on sex in the couple it is something worrying, why with him is that both people connect, says sexologist Jil Whitney on the web The confidential. So if you are one of those couples, you need to detect what is the problem that has led them to where they are now.

Most common sexual problems

Lack of time

When you have many activities to cover during the day, such as working, taking care of the children, or shopping, at the end of the day you are exhausted and what you want is to rest. But you need to find a way to spend time alone with your partner to connect on a sexual level.

Sex has become boring

When monotony is installed in sex, it is where innovation must come in, by this we mean that you wear new underwear, that they change the scenery from time to time, or that they watch an erotic movie.

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A feeling of sexual dissatisfaction

When one of you wants more or does not feel sexual satisfaction, this is something that can make arguments arise. So having good communication will be essential to express how they feel and why.

Sex can be painful

This applies most of all to women because there are some who suffer from vaginismus when the genital muscle contracts involuntarily. For this there is treatment. But also when the man’s penis is very large, to such an extent that it can affect sexual life, so they tend to go slow and use a lubricant.

Spontaneity / programming

Sometimes one will want sex to be spontaneous, while the other does not want it to spoil their rest or sleep time. At this point, it is necessary that they reach an agreement so that both things work.

Constant arguments

Continuous discussions can affect the relationship, this is where communication comes in because having it can make your differences be with respect and kindness.

You do not fulfill what you want

Sex is something where both people must be comfortable and if you don’t want to do something, a fantasy or a position, you can’t force it.

In conclusion, no one said that relations couples are easy, but each of them is beautiful and unique. So while they may go through sexual problems that affect them, it is in each of them to be able to overcome the crisis with confidence and respect.

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