These items should replace the Touch Bar today

MacBook Pro

This year, Apple unveiled its new twenty-four-inch iMac. But if the big star of the event was then the M1 processor integrated under the hood, an accessory could be of great importance in the design of future products. This is the new Magic Keyboard, incorporating not only a key for emojis but also the Touch ID sensor at the top right.

The first row of the keyboard is also dedicated to the function keys (Fn). However, according to MacRumors, this same line would be repeated for the MacBook Pro which should be unveiled during tonight’s keynote. Nothing very surprising: indeed, for the moment it is therefore the Touch Bar which occupies this place of choice just under the display. But with apparently little success, this secondary slab would be abandoned …

But why ?

Having been presented in 2016, the Touch Bar would therefore only have lived on the market for five years. Like the abandonment of the butterfly keyboard or the rebirth of the SD card port, this would therefore be a scathing step backwards. But unlike the horrible proprietary key mechanism, the change here is likely to disappoint more than one. Indeed, the famous tactile strip – although victim of serious bugs – is still very practical today.

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The applications optimized for these are also numerous. We find in particular the Mozilla Firefox browser with shortcuts to the search bar or the creation of an additional tab but also the collection of WhatsApp emoticons, which becomes essential window. This is also where the function keys are integrated, in virtual form.

Makeover in order

Another relatively notable difference: the MacBook Pro keyboard would have white keys, with a simple outline tinted with black. Their appearance would therefore be very close to the unibody design of the 2009 MacBooks, still with backlighting for dark environments. One more way to differentiate yourself from other users, an implicit selling point of most Apple releases such as the space gray color.

So, for or against the abandonment of the Touch Bar on Mac, anyway already started with the return of the escape button? Give us your opinion in the comments, and tell us why.

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