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iPad Air: more colors and why not an OLED screen?

The 2020 version of the iPad Air is characterized by its colorful design to mark the 10th anniversary of the range. It’s highly likely that Tim Cook’s team will bring a new design to the 2022 iPad Air, after a full two-year cycle. Many expect the new iPad Air to sport new colors then.

But that’s not all. There is also rumor that these new iPad Air will come with an OLED display, but that seems to be less likely. Apple is more likely to keep the same 10.9 ” screen, but with only new color variations. Information signed Alexiander Angel, whose history is still rather thin.

iPad Pro: maybe a glass case

It’s been almost four years since the Pro version of the Apple tablet has kept almost the same design. It will therefore not be surprising if the firm decides to bring a new design to the iPad Pro 2022. Among the most awaited novelties, a glass shell on the back is not to be excluded. This will make these new Apple tablets the first to feature MagSafe and a wireless battery charging system.

The screen size, meanwhile, may remain the same. However, many are hoping that the 11 ” will receive Apple’s exclusive Liquid Retina XDR Display technology.

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A new screen for the iPad 10?

Some rumors announced that for the year 2021, the most affordable tablet from the Apple brand will come with a 10.5 ”screen and the same shell as the iPad Air 4. However, these changes have not taken place. But the fans do not despair. Angel continues to believe that the 2022 version of the device will ship a screen of 10.5 ″ against 10.2 ″ currently. He is even willing to bet that the naming of this new iPad 10 will not be iPad X, but rather iPad 10th generation.

While waiting for the official announcements of the Californian brand and especially the next keynote, users therefore continue to believe that there are some nice surprises in store for them …

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9" 128 GB

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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