Thetan Arena: debuts on Android, iOS and PC giving three heroes to each player – DiarioBitcoin

Thetan Arena: debuts on Android, iOS and PC giving three heroes to each player - DiarioBitcoin

Thetan Arena: debuts on Android, iOS and PC giving three heroes to each player - DiarioBitcoin By Daily bitcoin @bitcoindaily

Thetan Arena is the first MOBA NFT Play-to-Earn based on Blockchain technology that reaches Android, iOS and PC platforms.***

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This Wolffun Game title is shaping up to be one of the titles of the NFT games strongest yet, with absorbing action gameplay and quality well above average for projects Play-to-Earn current. Its launch comes with a promotion of three gift heroes for all users who wish to start playing in the mode Free-to-Play, which will allow them to advance in ranks to accumulate rewards in THC (utility token) and eventually buy an NFT hero box with which they can generate income for each victory in battle. Find out below all the details to start playing Thetan Arena, claim THC and the special events of the launch.

How to download and start playing Thetan Arena?

The first thing you should know if you want to start playing Thetan Arena is that you need one wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain network (the most common used is Metamask). Another important detail to know is that the email address that is registered in the account will be directly associated with the BEP20 wallet that is entered.

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Now, to start playing the first thing you should do is DOWNLOAD THETAN ARENA on your Android, iOS or PC device.

After installing the game and running it, you will be able to pass the brief introductory tutorial and finally log in with your account (in case you have already created it previously in the marketplace) or register a new account.

When entering your email you will have to request the sending of a code to validate that you have access to the specified email address. Once the code has been validated, you will have access to the lobby from Thetan Arena.

How to buy NFT heroes for Thetan Arena?

Currently the two options to buy NFT heroes from Thetan Arena are: through marketplace, buying them from a third party; or acquiring a Thetan Box common or epic for a price of 1000 and 2000 THC respectively, or a legendary box paying around 850 THG to date.

Our recommendation is not to buy any Thetan Box currently, as prices are heavily inflated by the recent launch of THC in the market and the excitement of the game’s release on November 27th. As of the publication date of this article, the utility token THC has a value around USD $ 1.00, making the price of a common hero box about a thousand dollars and the epic box about two thousand dollars (when in the pre-sale in BUSD these same boxes were priced at USD $ 100 and $ 200 respectively). As for the legendary box, its price rises around $ 10.8 thousand, with a THG price that remains at $ 12.78 to date.

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For now, the best option is to buy a hero from a third party in the marketplace or start playing in mode Free-to-Play with the three heroes that they give us when we register in Thetan Arena. At least for now, until the THC and THG values ​​stabilize.

How to withdraw THC in Thetan Arena?

The THC It is the utility token of the game with an unlimited supply. In order to withdraw gTHC (in-game currency) for THC in Thetan Arena, users must comply with the following rules:

  • In order to claim THC, the user’s account must have a creation time greater than 12 days.
  • Users who participated in the Thetan Box presales could withdraw THC as of this November 27 or 28, depending on the date of creation of their account.
  • The gTHC can be withdrawn at a 1: 1 rate with THC.
  • The gTHC is earned as a reward for battles, missions, and rank in Thetan Arena.
  • Withdrawals can be made every 48 hours.
  • For users who have not made any purchase in the marketplace, they are required to reach the Bronze rank to claim THC.
  • The minimum withdrawal is 750 THC. The minimum and maximum withdrawal may vary depending on the credibility of the account.
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Official THC contract: 0x24802247bd157d771b7effa205237d8e9269ba8a

THG official contract: 0x9fd87aefe02441b123c3c32466cd9db4c578618f

Thethan Arena Special Launch Events

To celebrate the official launch of Thetan Arena, Wolffun Game has organized a couple of special events for players:

Reward for inviting friends

  • Entering the option Friend (Friend), in the section Invite (Invite), the player will be able to generate an invite link to share with their contacts.
  • The player will receive a reward of 3 gTHC per successful invitation. Each invited user who completes at least 5 battles in Thetan Arena will be considered a successful invite.
  • This event only applies to users on iOS and Android.

Champion’s path

Starting this November 27, until a winner is found, the following rules will apply:

  • The first user to achieve rank Champion (Champion) in the Leaderboard, you will receive extremely attractive rewards.
  • The awards will be announced in detail by Wolffun Game shortly.

Start playing Thetan Arena

Article by Mauricio Echezuria

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