they are even more popular among young people

Apple Watch Series 6

60% market share for the iPhone according to Counterpoint? Hold on tight, because among young people this figure climbs to 87% ! A study by Piper Sandler believes that Apple’s mobile beats all its competitors hands down, at least if we take into account all the models currently available in stores. AirPods, too, would be in pole position for wireless headphones.

To sign such conclusions, the firm took an interest in more than 7,000 adolescents, all living in the United States. The average age of the panel is just over sixteen years, with an average income per household of approximately 63,540 euros after conversion according to the current exchange rate. It should also be noted that more than a third of all respondents hold a part-time job.

Slowdown since last year

Although almost nine out of ten young people with an iPhone in their pocket is already a great feat, these results would in fact be worse than in a survey carried out at the same time last year. Same thing for the previous semester. Several factors could explain this decline, such as the relatively similar value proposition between the latest iPhone generations top of the line.

On the side of the Apple Watch, the situation does not seem to be looking good either. Because even if underage connected watch owners are more and more numerous each year, they are less and less so when it comes to choosing a device from the brand rather than from the competetion.

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The disadvantage of the price

It must be said that some alternative products have something to convince, as with the Galaxy Watch4 from Samsung. An accessory sold from 239 euros right now on the Korean site, with a 1.2-inch circular screen and an announced autonomy of up to 40 hours. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at 429 euros but only lasts 18 hours maximum.

Most analysts who monitor Cupertino’s financial performance, however, agree on relatively optimistic sales estimates for the next quarters. Many other variables are taken into account in this calculation, such as profit or socio-professional category.

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