They became friends during the quarantine without meeting in person, will love come later?

They became friends during the quarantine without meeting in person, will love come later?

Everything has changed in the last months, there are relationships that have been broken and others have been born in these moments of crisis

When family or friends are away, the cell phone is your best ally.

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How far are those first days of confinement by the coronavirus in which the first crushes occurred in the distance, from balcony to balcony, while we applauded the doctors and nurses.

Gone is that story that we tell you about a boy who fell in love with his neighbor seeing her in the distance.

There are many young people (and not so young) who have had live confinement single and alone.

The pandemic seems to have closed all possible avenues to meet someone. Physical contact is not a reality, since we have to maintain social distance. So now more than ever dating apps take advantage of flirting innocently until they have some camera sex included.

As told Agnes, 30, to the Spanish newspaper El País, she tried to have virtual dates. The first ones were a disaster, until he connected with a boy with whom he has continued talking and “there is a lot of feeling”. They speak every day and are at ease. They’ve even gone so far as to have risque virtual sex.

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He is aware that in the end everything is there, just friends or not even. There is a risk that it is part of this stage and that’s it. “He lives an hour and a half from my house, it is a bit complicated”, he admits to the possibility of seeing himself when it is a possibility, given the circumstances.

They have also been created initiatives to have virtual appointments. Some have gone well, others were a complete disaster.

The good thing about being locked up at home is that borders don’t matter. It does not matter if the boy or girl you are flirting with is in your same state, on the other side of the country or if he is in Iceland.

There are no borders in times of coronavirus.

This has been understood until Tinder, who has released the function Passport (passport), which allows you to meet people from anywhere in the world (Before confinement the app only taught candidates who were at a certain distance from the user’s location). Without this possibility, many couples would not have met and Twitter would not be revolutionized with #tinderpassport.

In the face of all these new relationships and possibilities, only time will determine its path.

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