they can no longer be repaired in Apple Stores

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It is not a revolution but a very big change that Apple is about to make. According to an internal memo consulted by our colleagues at MacRumorsApple Stores and stores approved by the Cupertino company are instructed to refuse repairs to devices reported as missing.

Apple is upping its game against iPhone thieves

In concrete terms, employees mandated by the Apple brand will therefore have access to the global GSMA database which includes the serial numbers of hundreds of thousands of devices declared stolen or lost by their owner. If a device is identified, the employee will not be able to proceed with the repair.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that Apple has implemented this type of measure. For example, you need to be able to turn off Find My iPhone if you want to get it repaired. To do this, you must know the password of the Apple account on which your smartphone is registered. Therefore, the Cupertino company can already identify stolen devices.

Moreover, criminals tend to systematically block the “locate” functionality to avoid being spotted. This new measure deployed by the apple brand therefore puts a little more pressure on thieves and complicates their task.

However, it would take a lot more to dissuade them from taking action. Smartphone theft is still a reality in France and it affects hundreds of thousands of people each year, according to the latest figures published by the Ministry of the Interior.

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