They confuse Omar Chaparro with Adrián Uribe live

They confuse Omar Chaparro with Adrián Uribe live

It seems that the great friendship between Omar Chaparro and Adrián Uribe seems to affect them a little, since due to their closeness they began to confuse the beloved comedians.

Proof of this is that Chaparro invited the so-called first regional Mexican music boy band Nuevo Element to his program Tu-Night, and it was one of its members who confused him with Uribe.

When the group arrived at the talk show forum of the former “Sabadazo” host, Yahir “El Chico” Garduño looked at the famous man excitedly and said: “I can’t believe it! I love that character you play, Vitor “.

However, later he doubted his words and wanted to correct, although he made a mistake again, because he confused him with Eugenio Derebez, who is also his friend: “Do not. Are you the ‘No Returns’ or which one are you?” she told him.

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