they criticize her and mistake her for another singer

they criticize her and mistake her for another singer

It was last May, after five months without publishing any image on her Instagram account, that the British singer Adele reappeared on the occasion of her 32nd birthday.

At that time, the artist caused a huge stir, as she appeared radiant and with a slimmer figure than ever.

The artist showed at that time a change of look that has been developing over the last few years, coinciding with its separation from Simon Konecki, his partner for seven years and father of his son Angelo.

From then on, he was seen on his account Instagram twice in June and once in August when, once again, she showed another makeover by showing off a curly mane.

However, it was Sunday August 30 when Adele sparked more comments, as she posted an image of her wearing a bikini top with the Jamaican flag and some leggings, where you can see a flat stomach and, without a doubt, a very slim figure.

Adele causes a stir with a bikini top: they criticize her and mistake her for another singer

Despite the fact that the photo achieved almost five million “likes” and thousands of comments, among them were some nonconformists who criticized her for her outfit and hairstyle. Why?

In the image she shared with the bikini top, Adele Her hair is combed with Bantu knots, a style of African origin, for which she was accused of cultural appropriation.

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“If 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, Adele arrives with Bantu knots and a cultural appropriation that no one asked of her. This officially marks all of the major white pop women as troublesome. I hate to see it “, wrote in Twitter the american journalist Ernest owens, with which it obtained that other hundreds of followers supported this opinion, clear, and others so much against.

“Dear white people, please be yourself and stop the cultural appropriation for once. Adele’s Bantu knots were unnecessary. The Jamaican flag on the bikini top was unnecessary. Please just stop doing it “added another user.

“Black women are discriminated against for wearing cultural hairstyles like Bantu knots or dreadlocks, but white women are not. That’s not fair, that’s why people are angry “commented another user of the social network.

But as there is always a counterpart, there were also those who defended her and did not give importance to the artist’s look.

“I am Jamaican and this does not matter to me at all. We have more important things to worry about. The Internet is a cesspool of people who have too many thoughts ”, wrote a follower.

“This is what we do at carnival, celebrate Caribbean, black, white, Asian, alien culture…! You look amazing, keep celebrating! “, was the comment of an enthusiastic fan, who, at the same time, achieved thousands of “likes”.

Adele or Katy Perry?

And this photo gave a lot of fabric to cut from because, in addition to the applause and criticism, there were also those who highlighted the apparent similarity between Adele and Katy Perry.

You will even follow them from Vanities they noticed it.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, the world is still waiting for the fourth album of Adele to continue his triumphant career after ’19’ (2008), ’21’ (2011)
and ’25’ (2015).

By: Vanidades Newsroom

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