They demand the return of María Celeste Arrarás and Myrka Dellanos to ‘Al Rojo Vivo’

Reclaman el regreso de María Celeste Arrarás y Myrka Dellanos a ‘Al Rojo Vivo’

Myrka Dellanos and María Celeste Arrarás.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

A week after being fired Maria Celeste Arrarás and having resigned Mryka Dellanos In solidarity, the public demands Telemundo the return of the duo to driving ‘Red Hot’.

María Celeste and Myrka were the pioneers in this program format, on television in Spanish, through the screen of Univision when was born ‘First impact’. They became the successful duo and broke with all the parameters of journalists in their genre and in their time.

Just as they began, they ended: together. But under other circumstances, one dismissal due to the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the other due to a personal decision not to stay at the show of his colleague and friend without her.

As we tell and show you, Jessica Carrillo, who is also part of the Telemundo afternoon program, will continue to lead until her baby is born and will be accompanied by the new acquisition of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, Rebeka Smyth. However, although that was the decision of the directors, it seems not to be the one that the public that supports the show wants.

Through the networks of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, they demand the return of María Celeste and Myrka, even threatening to stop watching the show:

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Violetia78: Jessica yes, the other intruder no Mir Mirka de llanos, Telemundo, if they believe that a professional is expensive, they do not know the expensive price they are going to pay to save, because their viewers are losing them, who is going to want to pay sponsorship on a channel that nobody sees? sorry because they stayed red hot! but I won’t see it anymore. Luckily God takes care of their little work.

vivivic3: Sorry but without Maria Celeste, we no longer see him at home

raulcisneros803: Very bad decision, Maria Celeste was the red-hot face and voice.

caty8864: Unfortunately it is not the same without Maria Celeste, a red-hot icon.

edwardmendezz: We want @mariacelestearraras. She is the face of red hot. WHAT IS THIS

carolinacatalino: I love Jessica but sorry, nothing like @mariacelestearraras @myrkadellanos and Jessica Carrillo !!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

jeremy_michael_velazquez: Reproachable the way in which María Celeste was replaced. That is not done with a professional who gave years of her life to the public. As for its replacement, it must be given a chance to earn its space.

mayra.cevallos.16: And Mirka?

joel.benavidez: 😂 Rediculas Never could replace Maria celeste and Myrka

nicole_santosc: A mediocre program without Maria Celeste …


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