They discover cases of Deltacron, the new variant of Covid that combines Delta and Ómicron

Algunos creen que en realidad, no existe como tal la mutación llamada “Deltacron”.

Some believe that in reality, the mutation called “Deltacron” does not exist as such.


2022 started quite agitated with the issue of the coronavirus, since Ómicron has turned the Covid pandemic upside down by causing a serious rebound in cases around the world that have once again put our destiny in suspense and in doubt and, above all, doubts as to when this will end.

We know that viruses are capable of mutating constantly and the Covid is no exception. A couple of days ago a scientist named Leonidos Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus and director of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, gave an interview on a local television, in which he explained how it is that found a new strain of Covid-19 which he called Deltacron, as it combines the dreaded Delta and Ómicron.

Kostrikis also issued a statement in which he explains that this has occurred due to an evolution of the virus itself and that it is not precisely a “recombination” of the virus.

According to the specialist, Deltacron infection is higher in patients hospitalized for Covid compared to those who have not required it. This situation would be the proof that would deny the version of some who say that as such, there is no Deltacron, since the laboratory tests of the Cypriot that produced this result could have been contaminated.

“In addition, the samples were processed in various sequencing procedures in more than one country. And at least one sequence from Israel deposited in a global database exhibits genetic characteristics of Deltacron. These findings refute the undocumented statements that Deltacron is the result of a technical error, “he argued to the scientist in an interview with Bloomberg.

What other scientists say about Deltacron

Nick Loman, who is professor of microbial genomics at the University of Birmingham in England indicated that a combination of Omicron with Delta is not unlikelyBut he also does not consider that it would be something new, he believes that while a recombinant form of delta and Omicron would not be a complete surprise, the Cyprus finding is more likely a “technical artifact” that arose in the process of sequencing the viral genome.

While Cyprus Health Minister Michael Hadjipantela said on Sunday that the new variant is not a cause for concern and that more details will be released at a press conference this week.

In case of confirmed that Deltacron is a new strain, this would follow the newly discovered in France last Tuesday, which was called B.1.640.2.

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