They filter video of the audition that “El Capi” Pérez did to enter La Academia

They filter video of the audition that "El Capi" Pérez did to enter La Academia

There is no doubt that “El Capi” Pérez is one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television, and now that he has gained international fame, a video has come out in which he angered the three judges who were looking for talent in Aguascalientes to Be a part of the Academy.

In the video you can see a daring and young “Capi”, clad in cowboy boots, faded black jeans and a black shirt, arriving on stage at TV Azteca Aguascalientes in 2011 to perform the song “Banana” by the famous group “Garibaldi”. ”.

Immediately, the attitude of “El Capi” Pérez made the judges angry and he was questioned for his terrible way of singing. They asked him to leave the stage to make way for other future talents. To this, the young “Capi” continued to sing and try to show his passion to appear on television, for which production personnel had to enter to violently grab him from behind and push him off the stage.

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