They find signs of a Mexican variant of the coronavirus, this is what is known

Hallan indicios de variante mexicana del coronavirus, esto es lo que se sabe

Coronavirus samples.

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Mexican authorities study the E484K variant of SARS-CoV-2, (coronavirus, COVID-19) detected on January 27 in four patients from the state of Jalisco, which could be a local strain and as if that were not enough, the cases would not be the only ones.

Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez, infectologist and former director of the OPD Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, stated that the chances of it being a Mexican variant are high, because only one of the people had contact with another individual from the Foreign.

According to reports from the CUCS Laboratory for the Diagnosis of Emerging and Reemerging Diseases, the mutation E484K had not been detected in Mexico, but more studies are still needed to determine if there are prevalence of her in Jalisco.

The characteristic of the mutation is that it can affect the binding with antibodies neutralizers generated by the body after an infection or after receiving a vaccine.

Perez Gomez noted that this new variant could be in more citizens, since the tests for detect them are applied randomly.

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“The fact that they have been detected in four people does not mean that they have been the only ones who present it or that they may be presenting at this time, because not all patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are carried out to determine variants or virus mutations, ”he shared.

“This type of study is complex where not only is carried out a PCR but also something called viral genome sequencing is carried out to identify other types of mutations and that is impossible to do in all the people who have COVID“, specific.

He indicated that the four cases were sent for a new study to the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) to confirm whether it actually corresponds to the strain E484K of the SARS-CoV-2 identified in Brazil Y South Africa.

For its part, Ruy López Ridaura, general director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, reported that the characteristics of the new strain are being analyzed to determine whether it is more virulent or transmissible than those already detected.

“We have many mutations and variants, when are they characterized as a certain strain and what is important epidemiological? That’s another step, “he said at the nightly press conference.

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“Indre has been in contact with the laboratory state of Jalisco state, it had been suspected that it could be of the variant of South Africa and that has already been discarded ”.

He stated that it must be defined what characteristics it has and if the disease is more serious, as well as in what type of patients it has been found to define if it is more virulent or transmissible.

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