They give the last goodbye to Ximena Hita, Miss Aguascalientes, who they say committed suicide

Dan el último adiós a Ximena Hita, Miss Aguascalientes, quien aseguran se suicidó

On January 1, the discovery of the lifeless body of Ximena Hita, Miss Aguascalientes 2019, raising suspicions of a possible suicide.

Although both his relatives and the authorities have not issued official information in this regard, some versions circulate on social networks that they say he suffered from depression because he was denied a permit to celebrate the new year with his boyfriend, which is why he decided to end his life.

Ximena, who worked as a host on TV Azteca Aguascalientes, paramedic and nursing student, was fired with honors and like a true queen by the Paramedics corps, where she served during the last years.

This is how a queen is fired“Is the message that is read next to the video that was published on Nelssie Carrillo’s Instagram profile, in which the 21-year-old beauty queen’s coffin is seen.

Recall that the news was released through a statement shared through the social networks of the Miss Mexico organization.

There is no correct way to communicate such unfortunate news; The confirmation of the death of Ximena Hita Miss Aguascalientes, whom we knew, appreciated and admired, fills us with pain and sadness; who will forever remain in our memoriesThey shared.

Although in his social profile messages of optimism and self-love are read such as: “How beautiful you look since you love yourself so much“,”You are not what you achieve, you are what you overcome“, and “Never give up, sometimes the last key is the one that opens the doorNews of his death came to cast doubt on what appeared to be a perfect life.


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