They launch ‘Space Runners’, the first brand of NFT shoes to walk through the metaverse

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They launch 'Space Runners', the first brand of NFT shoes to walk through the metaverse By Hannah perez

The brand will launch the first NFT collection in Solana with the backing of NBA players Kyle Kuzma and Zion Williamson. A pair of digital shoes will cost more than $ 1,000.


Some visionaries are stepping forward to present what will be the latest trend in the fashion industry: NFT athletic shoes (or tokens non-expendable) to walk the metaverse. In this way, your avatar – basically your ‘most real’ version in the digital age – will be able to dress in style within the virtual world.

Space runners has announced itself as the first digital footwear brand. Based on the blockchain Solarium And with the backing of some of the NBA’s biggest stars, the NFT project highlights the hottest trend in the tech industry: the metaverse. After the renaming of Facebook to Goal, a handful of renowned companies have joined to start building their own interconnection spaces between the physical world and virtual reality.

The company is moving forward with the vision of becoming a pioneer within the apparel product category in the NFT world, by providing its users with the most immersive digital sneaker experience yet.

NBA-inspired NFT sneakers

According to the official website of the project, Space runners offers collections of unique NFT shoe designs that users can buy, sell, trade, collect, and even use in virtual spaces such as games, social media, and metaverse.

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Designed for fans of the growing gaming ecosystem in Blockchain, digital shoes can be exchanged for tokens of games in accredited markets. The brand will also allow players to have more opportunities to access rare and scarce shoes, increasing the value of their NFTs, as they level up in those game spaces.

Some of the intangible characteristics that the various designs of NFT footwear will have will be speed, stability and power, features that in turn will be able to take advantage of game avatars, for example, or other digital spaces.

Created by fashion designers in collaboration with top celebrities and brands, Space Runners represents the evolution of how we look good in digital spaces like games, metaverses, and social media.

They launch 'Space Runners', the first brand of NFT shoes to walk through the metaverse
source: Space Runners

The first NFT shoe collection, named Broken shoeThey will have designs inspired by the NBA, which is why the brand has already closed deals with basketball celebrities Kyle Kuzma and Zion Williamson.

This series, which will consist of 10,000 NFTs, will be usable in the browser with the virtual reality (VR) function. The company will also provide social media filters for platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to make NFTs even more accessible. The collection is expected Broken shoe It goes on sale this December for a price of 5 SOL a pair of shoes, about USD $ 1,100.

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Outfit for style in the metaverse

The project, which is still in its early stages, plans to continue partnering with other celebrities, as well as working alongside renowned artists, fashion designers and clothing brands.

For now, in the next few months, Space runners is scheduled to launch a token native named RUN, which will unlock decentralized finance tools (DeFi) and help the brand become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the digital fashion community, according to a report from Cointelegraph.

Although at present, The idea of ​​buying a pair of digital sneakers for a sum of a thousand dollars for may sound a bit crazy; however, the initiative highlights the growing interest around the metaverse concept.

It remains to be seen whether the brand will effectively conquer the NFT apparel category, especially now that more companies are joining the trend. The sports giant Nike could compete with Space runners, according to some patent records suggesting the brand is exploring digital sneakers. Meanwhile, some luxury brands such as Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana they are already venturing into the scarce digital token market.

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Article versioned by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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