They raise funds for rhino conservation through NFT horn auction – DiarioBitcoin

They raise funds for rhino conservation through NFT horn auction - DiarioBitcoin

They raise funds for rhino conservation through NFT horn auction - DiarioBitcoin By Daily EditorBitcoin

South Africa Rhino Preservation Zone launches NFT to raise funds.


Black rock rhino, one of South Africa’s leading private rhino conservation areas, is launching fundraising for this endangered species through the auction of non-fungible tokens (NFT) horn of the immense animal.

The conservation organization, which is home to more than 200 rhinos, along with a technology company Blockchain Virtual Nation Builders, they are going to auction non-fungible tokens in one of the largest NFT markets in South Africa, Momint.

The auction begins on November 11, as can be seen on the website According to the organization, the proceeds will be used to pay for some of the rhino sanctuary’s daily expenses.

“The net income will be used to ensure the area, food, vaccines, as well as the rest of the daily operating expenses of the conservation areas”, explains a statement published by

In extinction

In addition to funding the day-to-day expenses of conservation, the proceeds from the sale are expected to aid conservationists in their ongoing efforts to reduce the number of rhino deaths, the organization says. On its website, Black rock rhino says the rhino population in government-run national parks has dropped about 90%, from 18,000 to 2,000 in the last decade.

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At the same time it indicates: “Fortunately, during those same ten years, the number of rhinos in private conservation areas has increased to more than three times the 3,500 a decade ago, to almost 10,500 rhinos now free under private protection. There is real hope in the fight to save the rhino, but that hope urgently needs our help. “

Add: “Rhino conservation involves costly security, veterinary intervention, and supplementary feeding in times of drought. That job requires millions of dollars every year. Government efforts that have suffered such serious losses are financed by international taxes and donations. The private efforts that have been successful do not have that financial support and the brave families who have borne this burden need help. “

Horns forbidden

It highlights that, although this sharp decline in the rhino population is primarily attributed to the activities of poachers, “Some experts also believe that rhinos killing each other is another leading cause of death. Therefore, to reduce such deaths, rhino experts advocate removing the sharp tip of the horns to reduce deaths when conflict arises. “

It is worth emphasizing that trade in rhino horn, which has a value of around $ 25,000, is prohibited. That’s why Black Rock Rhino conservationists believe that digital, photorealistic horn NFTs are an alternative.

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In other words, he says, “This means that rhinoceros lovers around the world will be able to purchase a rhino horn without actually violating the ban on rhino trade imposed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 1977 ·.

The first NFT rhino horn

The website also shows # ZA908220119RH, the first rhino horn NFT and the first official conservation NFT.

In this regard, it counts:

“Each horn shows unique patterns of growth and coloration. The horns of males tend to be larger and often more dense. Younger animals show growth that is almost completely black on the surface of the cut, while older animals will have an abundance of whiter horn around the retained core of black. This darker core is often heart-shaped, but each pattern is distinctive. This fountain is male, in the best moment of his life ”.

The first rhino horn NFT # ZA908220119RH is certified under RhODIS®️ Case number RR006499.


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