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They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of “The Crown”


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At the end of January 2020 it was announced that The Crown would end with the fifth season, however, on July 9, Netflix reported that the famous British series will be extended until the sixth season to finish the story correctly.

In addition to that data, it was known who would be the actors who will give life to the Queen Isabel, to duke of edinburgh and the princess daisy in the coming seasons, and, finally, it was revealed who will play one of the most anticipated roles, that of the Princess Diana of Wales.

Character revealed!

Netflix itself reported that whoever will put himself in the shoes of the late Lady will be Elizabeth debicki, and we will see her in the last two seasons of The Crown.

Elizabeth, who is known for his role as Ayesha in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2., among other roles, will replace Emma corrin on the hit Netflix series, playing Diana in the fifth and sixth seasons, which will include the death of the princess in 1997.

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At 29, the Australian actress is the same age as the late princess in 1990, the year the fifth season begins.

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“The spirit of Princess Diana, her words and her actions live in the hearts of many. It is a privilege and an honor to join this masterful series, which absolutely hooked me from the first episode “, ensures Elizabeth debicki.

Lady Di threw herself down the stairs when she was pregnant
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They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of “The Crown”

On the other hand, other sources reveal that the creators of The Crown were impressed with the ‘star quality’ of Elizbeth, who won in the casting several big names for the coveted role.

“Seasons five and six will see Diana emerge as a laid-back superstar-quality icon, but still retaining that fragility.”said a source.

“The role requires an intrepid actress to bring the truth to this beloved, yet complex icon. Elizabeth had that perfect combination of vulnerability and star quality.

Elizabeth debicki
Elizabeth Debicki. (Photo: Getty Images)

“It was an instant hit: When Elizabeth walked into the room, the producers were immediately impressed by her strong personality and energy, and they knew they had found the perfect Diana for the final chapters of The Crown.

“In addition to having the acting ability to tackle such a challenging role, the obvious similarities between Elizabeth and Diana, in terms of appearance as well, made her a natural choice,” they add.

More about Elizabeth

The next role of Elizabeth on the big screen it will be in the movie Christopher Nolan, Tenet, after landing his revolutionary role as Jordan baker in the movie of Baz Luhrmann, The great gatsby.

This 1.85-meter beauty had just gotten out of drama school when she auditioned for the film.

He also won accolades in the 2016 BBC drama The Night Manager, starring alongside Tom Hiddleston in the adaptation of the novel by John le Carré.

The “first” Diana

Emma corrin will debut as Diana in the upcoming fourth season of The Crown, which is expected to return to Netflix this fall.

While the fourth season will follow a young Diana and their marriage, the fifth installment is believed to begin in the early nineties and end in the early nineties, in which the writer Peter morgan ensures that Imelda Staunton would be «leading to The Crown to the XXI century ».

The choice of Elizabeth occurs days after the announcement of Jonathan Pryce for the role of prince philip.

It was revealed last Wednesday that the 73-year-old actor will join the star-studded cast and portray royalty during the 1990s and 2000s.

Jonathan assured that it will be ‘a pleasure’ to act alongside Imelda Staunton like the queen and Lesley manville as the princess daisy.

What do you think of the choice?

By: Vanidades Newsroom with Daily Mail infirmation


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- Advertisement -They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of "The Crown"They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of "The Crown"

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- Advertisement -They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of "The Crown"They reveal who will play Princess Diana in the last seasons of "The Crown"

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