They say that Sarah Kohan took off her clothes to attract attention and that this confirms her separation with Chicharito

Dicen que Sarah Kohan se quitó la ropa para llamar la atención y que esto confirma su separación con el Chicharito

Sarah Kohan He shared in his Instagram stories a photograph in which he appears naked, which reached the official account of the program The fat and the skinny. His face appears covered by a facial mask, apparently, and his most intimate areas carry what appears to be cream. If she wanted to attract attention, as several fans of the show point out, then she got it since everyone is talking about her.

Many of those who usually comment on the publications of the famous Univision program They have also highlighted that the publication confirms the separation rumors. And it is that for days and even months they assure that she and Chicharito are no longer together. They even talk about infidelity, highlighting that their first child has blue eyes. The soccer player’s fans and haters are launching all kinds of comments for and against both the athlete’s partner and their relationship itself.

Here are some of the strongest messages:

  • patty224_ She has a beautiful body and I do not see anything of the other world with the nude is a very beautiful woman and that does not make her less … but how we are a hypocritical society, how many here with their comments will not have done worse things, the worst enemy of the human it’s another … sad
  • melissaladomi809 When women learn not to do things like that due to inattention then they will see men taking them seriously. Be careful, I am a woman and I do not support that !!
  • unitedpaint This usually happens when women separate. They do things that they never did with the ex-partner … and they try to get jealous and hang out with several … it has happened to me 😔 …… 😁
  • marxecarballorodriguez This woman is inattentive I am a woman and I do not support that
  • lawyer_arturolara There are strong rumors that chicharito was sanchiar
  • angiefflores90 I wonder if they both have dark brown eyes because the first child came out with blue eyes?
  • yeximarcarri Total madness but she has a beautiful body
  • jorbe80 People no longer care who looks at them, it was good when all that madness was intimate with the love of your life!
  • claudi_v0903 That is her body and she is free to do with what she wants who we are to criticize
  • alejandrachableferrer Great body shortly after her baby was born
  • cardiz_11 When the woman gets into that it is because the separation hurt her and she wants to attract attention, and instead of doing it in a positive way that causes an opposite effect like that of this girl
  • idal_sosa No, that’s why the chicharito left her. I think sometimes they all get married to have a little bit of fame.
  • yesenia1810 This should not be published on social networks … 😡 if everyone likes to do it, they have every right; But in private.


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