They seek an owner for the controversial mansion of Mohamed Hadid that will be demolished in Bel-Air

Buscan dueño para la polémica mansión de Mohamed Hadid que será demolida en Bel-Air

The novel of Mohamed Hadid and his luxurious mansion of Bel-Air It could come to an unexpected end, when it is revealed that the construction, which will have to be demolished in its entirety, was recently put up for sale in a desperate attempt by the tycoon to recover part of the heavy investment he made.

According to the agent Jonathan Nash, who is in charge of the sale of the controversial mansion, the father of Gigi and Bella Hadid expect to receive $ 8,500,000 dollars for her.

“We are looking for a conscientious buyer with a vision to build their dream home or bring a new home to market under the proper guidelines,” Nash said of the unfinished property of 30,000 square feet of construction and located on a 1.2 acre lot.

Once the purchase is completed, the house must be demolished, as it does not have construction permits from the relevant authorities.

The property, marked with the number 901 Strada Vecchia Road, is considered an ideal opportunity for investors, since its real price would be around $ 50,000,000 dollars.

Problems for Hadid started when she decided to build more square footage than allowed in her original architectural project. The home originally would be 15,000 square feet and nearly doubled in size.

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Hadid’s action with the Bel Air Strada Vecchia, as the mansion is known, caused the annoyance of its neighbors, who argued that its mega construction represented a danger to their houses.

It transpired that the demolition of the residence would have a cost close to $ 5,000,000 dollars.

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