This analyst expects a record fourth quarter of 2020 for Apple

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If we are to believe the note published by Morgan Stanley, Apple has achieved an excellent fourth quarter 2020. The author, Katy Huberty indeed affirms that all lights are green for the Cupertino company with the growing adoption of the 5G technology, as well as the increased reliance on remote work and education that bolster its sales.

Apple’s service sector increasingly pays off

Investors therefore expect results ” solid but not excellent “, While Morgan Stanley thinks on the contrary that Apple” is likely to post record quarterly earnings and profits “.

In detail, Katy Huberty anticipates more than 108.2 billion dollars in turnover for the last three months of the year. This would be enabled by a solid launch of the iPhone 12 line which would be Apple’s most successful over the past five years. In all, smartphone sales would bring in $ 63.9 billion, or 14% more than in 2019.

The apple brand would also do very well for iPads, wearables and Macs. For the latter, the launch of M1 chips would have reinforced their success. Finally, the company is also experiencing impressive growth in services: + 31% in one year, and this sector could bring in up to 14.84 billion in turnover.

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