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Apple is a master in the art of marketing. The apple brand has got into the habit of impressing us in its advertisements through impressive visuals. Last March, it was in a completely different genre that the Cupertino company distinguished itself by releasing the clip Escape From the Office.

Almost 9 minutes long, this commercial has just become one of the most popular of the year on YouTube. It must be said that with the exception of winks to the products of the apple brand, we are dealing here more with a short film than with advertising.

Apple knows how to hit minds with its ads

We can follow a small group of employees who launch their business after leaving an exhausting office life. Over the minutes, we end up falling in love with this little band that has experienced various misadventures and successes.

This format rightly caught the eye of the jury who classified it in the YouTube advertisements: Cannes 2022. YouTube thus specifies about these video clips: “ With the spotlight on Cannes Lions 2022, we’re taking a moment with our special edition of the Ads Leaderboard to celebrate the most popular global video ads since last year’s festival. »

This is of course not the first time that we have told you about a successful Apple advertisement in our columns. The latest also insists on the efforts of the apple brand in terms of confidentiality and privacy. There is a young woman named Ellie. As she walks to her record store, she comes across an incredible scene where her personal data is being auctioned off.

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