This Apple subcontractor intensifies its fight against leaks

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This is a case that could have remained confined to local news if it did not indirectly concern the largest tech company in the world. TSMC, the maker of electronic chips and one of Apple’s main subcontractors, has just laid off seven of its employees. They would have ” violated the core values ​​of the company “.

Employee integrity is called into question

The latter were in fact caught transmitting information about the main customers of the Taiwanese firm, including Apple. For its part, the Taiwanese company did not give additional details on the reasons for these dismissals but it explains:

TSMC always operates on the most important business principles of integrity, so employees should follow these core values ​​when working for us. Going forward, TSMC will continue to follow these principles and will require all employees to do the same.

It should be remembered that the firm is not just anyone for Apple since half of its activity is destined for the Apple brand which has made it its exclusive supplier for the A series and M series chips.

In recent months, it has been noticed that the Californian company is stepping up its fight against the leaks. For example, we told you last June about these two famous Chinese leakers who claimed to have received letters from the brand to the apple. She demands that they stop giving details about her future products. The couriers would threaten them with legal action if they did not stop these practices.

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To justify itself, Apple would advance two main arguments. Leaks on products not yet marketed risk misleading its customers, and at the same time, it could give a competitive advantage to its rivals. If it will probably never manage to completely stop the leaks, the Cupertino company seems determined to reduce the scope.

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