This Apple Watch app can help with post-traumatic stress disorder

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We already knew that the Apple Watch can be a powerful tool in terms of health and this is confirmed once again. The Food and Drug Administration, the American drug control body, has just approved a connected watch application that helps fight post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Apple Watch’s ECG function saved lives

NightWare will not be available to everyone and patients will need a prescription from their doctor before using it. She helps “ temporarily reduce sleep disturbances associated with nightmares in adults “.

In concrete terms, the app uses Apple Watch sensors to monitor the patient’s body movements and heart rate while they sleep. If it detects that he is having a nightmare, the watch will vibrate in order to disturb his sleep and wake him up from this bad dream. This tool has apparently proved its worth during the test phases and the quality of sleep of people suffering from post-traumatic stress has improved.

As a reminder, the Apple Watch has already saved many lives thanks to its ECG function which allows users to perform an electrocardiogram directly on the wrist. The arrhythmia notification feature is also a great asset, as the latter is particularly responsible for strokes.

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