This Brazilian actor orders an Apple Watch and receives … a stone

Apple Watch Series 6

Ordering a product online can come with certain risks and disappointments. This is what Murilo Benício, a Brazilian actor, observed. While ordering an Apple Watch Series 6, he is surprised to discover a stone instead of the connected watch.

He orders an Apple Watch and gets ripped off

Like many, Murilo Benício thinks that an Apple Watch Series 6 would be the most beautiful effect on his wrist. Neither one nor two, the Brazilian actor orders the connected watch of the Cupertino company on the Carrefour site. We assure him a delivery within 10 working days. Receiving his package after twelve days, Murilo Benício already has something to complain about. But that’s not the worst.

When he opens his package, finally, he discovers with amazement not a pretty blue connected watch but… a stone. A vulgar pebble. Obviously, the Brazilian actor hastens to contact Carrefour to settle this dispute. And things get a little tougher. The sign tells him that it cannot help him or reimburse him, because seven days have passed before he makes his complaint.

Thus, Murilo Benício sues Carrefour and asks for the reimbursement of his order, necessarily, as well as damages up to $ 2,600. After a legal battle, the two parties finally found common ground. The Brazilian actor was awarded $ 1,500 from the brand.

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If “all’s well that ends (rather) well” for the 50-year-old man, several questions remain unanswered. Does this problem with Murilo Benício’s package come from Carrefour and its warehouses? Is it due to the delivery man who was a little too curious and picked up the famous watch?

It remains to be seen whether Murilo Benício, known in Brazil for having played in multiple sentimental soap operas, will retry the experience of ordering a valuable product from Carrefour. Or an Apple Watch online, regardless of the reseller. Note that the price of connected watches is reaching new heights in Brazil …

Of course, Murilo Benício is not the only one in the world to have experienced a problem with a package. A good reminder as Christmas approaches that ordering online can come with certain surprises, sometimes worse than others …

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