This computer has just become the most expensive in the history of Apple


$375,000. This is the final sale price of one of the very first models of Apple-1 signed by the hand of the late founder of Apple: Steve Jobs. In an auction that closed on June 23, the most interesting lot was undoubtedly the Apple-1 computer bought by Roger Wagner in 2003.

The latter, unique model if any, has just received the title of “the most expensive Apple computer in history”. In the history of the apple brand, products with a more or less distant link with the late big boss Steve Jobs have gained enormous value since the death of the former CEO in October 2011.

Apple-1: a real collector’s item

This model, an Apple-1 “Byte Shop” is part of the very first batch of computers produced by Apple in the late 70s by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the two creators of the Apple brand. The computer was assembled by Jobs himself in his parents’ garage.

Unearthed in 2002 at the Vintage Computer Festival in California by Roger Wagner, a long-time friend of the two founders of Apple, the computer is today one of the last Apple-1 still functional. In view of the auction, this jewel of technology has been tested by a suite of experts who have given it an exceptional conservation score of 7/10.

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Computers at 350,000 dollars for 8 KB of RAM

But, although extremely rare, this Apple-1 is not the first to be auctioned in this way. Nearly a month ago, another device from the same batch was sold for nearly $340,000. The latter was designed and signed by Steve Wozniak.

With a six-figure price, this computer is therefore the most expensive in Apple’s history. With between 4 and 8 KB of RAM, this technological antiquity would make even the latest MacBook Pro M2 look like a bargain. He who has 8 GB of memory, a billion times more.

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