This concept offers an Apple Watch with flat edges

Apple Watch concept

After the 2018 iPad Pro and the entire iPhone 12 line-up, flat edges are back and Apple seems to be keen on nostalgia. So to follow the current movement inspired by Apple itself, designer Wilson Nicklaus created a concept for a new generation Apple Watch, with flat edges. The concept looks very realistic, as it only focuses on that detail, flat bezels around the watch. It in no way affects the interface or the shape of the bracelet, a Solo Loop in the example of the concept.

This design could very well be taken up by Apple in the coming months or years, it is quite common for the Apple brand to follow the same directional line when it comes to aesthetics for all of its products. And if the return of flat edges on the iPhone and the iPad is such a great success, the Cupertino company could very well consider bringing this return to basics for the Apple Watch. So far no model of the Apple Watch has ever had really flat edges.

But in the same way that Apple reduced the size of the borders on its devices under the impetus of the iPhone X, the Apple brand could very well decide to do the same with the flat edges.

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