Health This explains depression, so you can know if you...

This explains depression, so you can know if you have it or not and how to fight it


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Although there are many explanatory models for depression, the one raised by the American psychiatrist Aaron Temkin Beck, with his cognitive triad, it is probably the most important of all.

Beck’s cognitive triad, which is also known as the negative cognitive triad, is made up of three related elements with the belief system that they are anticipating a possible depression. These elements would be negative thoughts about yourself, negative outlook on the world, and hopeless thoughts as for the future to come.

In short, a vision totally Desolation about the person himself, his environment and his future are what determines whether a person is depressed or not.

Beck took a different approach to therapy for his depressed patients and opened the door to a new way of doing things. He has been named one of the “Americans in history who shaped the face of American psychiatry,” as well as one of the “five most influential psychotherapists of all time“. He has had a lasting impact on the world of mental health through his work.

Aaron T. Beck contributed to the growth of cognitive psychology in many ways. His theory opened the door to many new ideas. From his original theory, other professionals in the field have created many, but it all started with the work of Aaron Beck, according to information found in Bibliomed.

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During his work as a psychiatrist, Beck began to see that his depressed patients tended to have negative thoughts. This is what got you on the road to find out how a person’s thoughts affect his behavior.

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Beck believed that if he could challenge negative thinking of the person and replace it with better thoughts, could have a positive impact in the health of the person. While this work began with depressed patients, he found that it was successful in helping many other problems as well. For example, cognitive therapy is now used to help with eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, anger, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Beck believed that when someone allowed their thoughts to be negative, it led to depression. He believed that thoughts, feelings, and behavior were related to each other. When someone thinks negatively, they feel bad, causing them to misbehave. Then, it becomes a cycle. When the person acts badly, it has negative results in situations that make him have more negative thoughts.

Beck saw that the way to break this cycle was to actually change the thoughts before to focus on change behavior. He believed that if a person was working to correct their thoughts, they would eventually see that their feelings and behavior would change because of it.

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Beck also believed that people who were depressed tended to look around to identify the things that supported what their negative thoughts were telling them. So instead of seeing something good happening around him, they only focused on the negative. To change that behavior, you must change the original thinking that drives it.

His theory was based on the idea that these negative thoughts were automatic for his clients. They did not choose to think about them, but neither did they choose to challenge the thought to see if it was true. They were thinking of whatever thought occurred to them. Beck believed that people who were more likely to fight depression had different thoughts than those who were not. Therefore, he concluded that if you change your thoughts, you also change your behavior.

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- Advertisement -This explains depression, so you can know if you have it or not and how to fight itThis explains depression, so you can know if you have it or not and how to fight it

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- Advertisement -This explains depression, so you can know if you have it or not and how to fight itThis explains depression, so you can know if you have it or not and how to fight it

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