Entertainment Celebrity This implies being Belinda's boyfriend

This implies being Belinda’s boyfriend


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Singer Christian Nodal was extremely surprised to discover the levels of media harassment that his famous girlfriend endures on a daily basis.

In just a few days, Christian nodal has gone from being a relatively unknown artist outside of his native Mexico to becoming one of the men most persecuted by the press due to his sentimental relationship – recently confirmed – with the pop star Belinda.

Most likely, he imagined that his love story would generate some interest when he posted on Instagram the first photos with his girl because it takes place largely in front of the cameras of the contest The Aztec VoiceBut he never thought they would face situations that seem like something out of an action movie.

And yes: this implies being Belinda’s boyfriend

“I think it is a totally different experience to what I have lived because she is a public figure and I was not used to it”, admitted in statements to the program Sun rises before offering a concrete example of the lengths to which paparazzi to get a picture of the famous singer. “The other day we were in a lake and there were drones and all that”revealed.

The scrutiny it endures Belinda Almost daily it causes him the same stupor as the rumors that their courtship would actually be a montage to promote the aforementioned program, something that Christian flatly denies.

Luckily, he has a great sense of humor to deal with all the speculation and memes – some more respectful than others – that he has inspired in recent days.

«I have a great love for memes, you know? If I’m in a bad mood, and I get a funny meme, it makes my day, you know. I saw several already … I’m not used to it, as I was saying. These are things that always happen, and the more everything grows, it is normal for people to start talking., aimed to downplay the gossip and focus on what is truly important: how happy he feels and the release of his next album.

By: Bang Showbiz



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