This is becoming clearer for the M2 chip, Samsung would still be in the game

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This year, Apple will finalize the transition of Macs from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips. Based on the architectures of Arm, these chips are quite similar to those used by the iPhone, and allow for a gain in performance, as well as energy efficiency.

But while this transition is soon coming to an end, Apple is preparing to launch the next generation of Apple Silicon chips: the M2. Many rumors are already circulating about this chip, and the products that will use them. And this week, things are getting clearer.

Samsung would still be among Apple’s suppliers

Samsung and Apple are sworn enemies, but the two companies are also partners. Indeed, the Korean giant provides components for the products of the Cupertino company, including the screens of the iPhone.

In addition, Samsung also participated in the manufacture of the M1 chip. Indeed, it is the Korean giant which would have provided a type of substrate called flip chip ball grid array or FC-BGA. This requires advanced technologies and according to the explanations of our colleagues from Sammobile, it is a component used for CPUs and GPUs with high density of circuit connections.

According to an article published by the site, Samsung should also provide these substrates to Apple for the manufacture of the M2 chip. This is also corroborated by an article from Business Korea, which indicates that the two companies are currently in discussion.

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Of course, Samsung has not confirmed this information. “We cannot confirm content related to our client”said a representative of Samsung Electro-Mechanics (the Samsung subsidiary that produces these substrates), according to Business Korea.

The Korean media also indicates that at the end of 2021, Samsung Electro-Mechanics would have invested 1.3 trillion won, the equivalent of more than 965 million euros, in order to build new installations capable of producing FC-BGAs in Vietnam. The company has also reportedly invested the equivalent of more than 69 million euros to expand facilities in Busan, Korea.

Of course, for the moment, this information should be treated with caution. But what is clear is that 2022 will be a very important year for Macs. Rumors suggest that Apple will launch a significant number of new models this year.

For example, according to the article, Apple plans to launch 9 new Macs equipped with the M2 chip. The site also explains that this M2 chip should be presented during the first half of 2022.

The most likely is that the Cupertino company will lift the veil on this new chip during its WWDC conference in June.

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