This is Ford’s hydrogen engine Looking to save the V8?

This is Ford's hydrogen engine Looking to save the V8?

Muscle Cars and Trucks surprised us with the discovery of a ford hydrogen engine at the patent office. As we have seen over the past few months, Ford Motor Company has made big commitments to the future of its battery electric vehicle business. However, now it seems to distance itself from this line.

All stages of automobile history have had something in common: the technological race towards profitability and efficiency. In past times, when oil was not a problem and consumption was a simple fact, there were other reasons for competition between brands. Let’s think about the power, the design, the durability…

This is Ford's hydrogen engine Looking to save the V8?

We should not confuse a hydrogen engine with a fuel cell engine like the one in the Toyota Mirai.

However, in full 2022 reigns the obsession with consumption and pollution. This has been caused by the European Union and its strict regulation on emissions. Since 2020, it implies high penalties for brands. In this context, the search for new sources of energy has become the greatest challenge for transport.

An option that is postulated as one of the most interesting and viable is hydrogen. It is a colorless and odorless gas. It turns out so clean it only emits water in its combustion: by adding oxygen, we get HtwoO. In addition, hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. As a compound, exists in untold quantitiesnot like cobalt.

This is Ford's hydrogen engine Looking to save the V8?

The race to electrification has caused many manufacturers to rush to create electric vehicles. With this, they have left behind options such as hydrogen, which is advancing slowly. We will see what future it has as fuel, but this turbocharged direct injection hydrogen combustion engine it looks so good.

Ford’s hydrogen engine

Ford’s hydrogen engine seeks mitigate pre-knock problems qusing hydrogen as fuel. Ford’s patent reveals how the brand plans to mix air and fuel at the right time for optimal efficiency. Controlling when hydrogen explodes is very important.

If the engine is not receiving the correct mixture of air and fuel, gas can detonate prematurely. This could cause engine knock, loss of power and possible damage. That’s why Ford’s design controls air and fuel separately. It uses direct injection for fuel and variable exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to control air.

Ford hydrogen engine patent

For its part, variable valve timing helps control the right time when air and fuel enter the combustion chamber. The system can increase EGR flow when more torque is required to reduce combustion temperature, reducing early blowouts.

At the moment when less torque is required, the flow of exhaust gases decreases, which reduces the amount of fuel. For now the patent only shows one cylinder, but the technology is perfectly applicable to a complete engine Looking for the signature of the blue oval salvation to the big and powerful V8 engines? We will cross our fingers…

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