This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

On October 17, 2017, the Grand Touring Sport and now comes the turn of the generational change with Grand Touring 7, a video game that aims to revive the “Real Driving Simulator” and make Polyphony Digital stand at the top, with which they promise will be the “most complete” game to date. This is all very well, but have they succeeded? Gran Turismo 7 has already passed through our hands and although we have enjoyed it little -for what we would have liked-, its comfortable test has allowed us to write this article.

I must confess that in recent years I have felt quite disappointed by the saga and it is that for a server and I understand that for many of you, the “classic” Gran Turismo were without a doubt the best. Second-hand markets, competition, cards, collecting and much more is what we were missing and it seems that now it comes from the hand of Gran Turismo 7 together with all the experience that the saga has achieved in the world of online competition with Grand Touring Sport.

Grand Touring 7

Gran Turismo Sport did well, in fact, very well, but what we lacked was all that yamauchi He had given us at the beginning and then took away from us by having his sights set on the future of the world of online competition.

The new installment brings us for the moment and waiting for new updatesnothing less than 90 circuits and 420 cars that will surely be expanded and keep an eye on this because if we look back and see what Gran Turismo Sport offered us, now we have 409% more circuits and 259% more cars and we must not forget that in addition new installment, the video game must accommodate the new generation of consoles and live up to its 25th anniversary.

In Gran Turismo 7 we have everything, from a review of the past, to a more than panoramic look at the present, and all this with an eye to the future of the most famous and longest-running driving saga.

Ferrari F40 Gran Turismo 7

As soon as you start, in addition to the game modes on a map, your new friends will be sarah and Andy. While the first is a kind of guide/assistant, the second is the second-hand dealer’s commercial that of course you should visit with your 20,000 cr in hand to buy your first can and go out on the circuit to break your chest with an AI that has been refined to sometimes -depending on the difficulty mode- drive you crazy.

Yamauchi has wanted us to suffer a bit and in the first instance we can buy a Honda Fit Hybrid, a Toyota Aqua S or a Demio XD Touring clearly attending to the PR or performance points that bring together a compendium of specifications and benefits.

I personally opted for him. mazda demio that here we know as Mazda2 and that despite having less PR than the other two, I have always liked it more. In addition, they all weigh the same, and this is the one with the most torque by far and beware, because it is also the cheapest.

The progression is slow, quite slow and this prevents us from seeing all the unlocked content from the beginning, but you have to earn a lot to get cars and unlock circuits.

Grand Touring 7 Honda Civic

We cannot forget about the different licenses, missions, modalities, something that according to the study will give us about 30 hours of total play.

Remember that your meeting point is now the Coffee a place where we will meet Lucathe owner who will offer us the different races as a menu and in which we will find the classic, or what has been the licenses, the missions, the preparations and much more.

This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

I have to confess that everything is a bit cumbersome and unclear. In my opinion they should have focused more on clarity and not so much on the aesthetic embellishment that makes the menus slow and somewhat cumbersome. When you are playing you will remember “taking steps forward and backward in the menus” and especially the tables full of overwhelming information and data.

Advancing through the individual mode is not complex and you will build up a good collection with which you will also acquire collector points. The most “interesting” vehicles are very expensive, so we have not been able to access many of them yet, something that has really annoyed us.

The money, or rather, the credits, have seemed a bit scarce to me, something that did not happen with other Gran Turismos in which you made fortunes in a few minutes.

This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

The races are therefore very Gran Turismo mode, with its lights and its leftovers, although many of these have been retouched. We have played with a Play Station 5 with a controller Dual Sense to test what’s new haptic responses and we have loved feeling the irregularities, the expansion joints and the planes in our hands -in a different and very novel way-.

I liked the experience with the controller a lot and be careful, I don’t mean to say that you go hand in hand and leave aside your magnificent cockpit, but hey, for some quick games it’s more than interesting.

We have loved the responses of the triggers and it is that while the haptic theme has been reserved for the surface and its imperfections as I have mentioned, the triggers allow a very successful dosage and provide us with information such as the behavior of the ABS or the skidding of a wheel. If you are one of those who drive with sensations, the command will be constantly sending you very useful information.

This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

The cameras continue to be one of the points that will raise the most controversy and that is that the interior and first-person views continue to be the most reinforced. The fact that they can be adjusted in height and position inside the passenger compartment is appreciated. The lighting of the cabins sometimes seems dim and unclear.

Collisions and cosmetic damage have been left in the inkwell again and when we collide practically nothing happens and it seems that we are hitting the guardrail with a brick and it bounces and bounces in a slightly chaotic way. Fortunately, at the wheel of the opposing cars, we will find in the story mode a less radical AI, more sensible, less overreacted and much more daring.

The multiplayer is divided into several modes, among which logically the Sport mode could not be missing, which by the way, is still the main one. Prudence and neatness are his hallmarks and although in story mode you can be quite dirty, here a lot of eye, because they do not forgive you absolutely nothing, something that is understood and appreciated.

This is Gran Turismo 7 and this is what we thought

If you ask me about the graphics, the truth is that I have been a bit confused when playing on a “next gen” console and we are back with the lights and shadows. The photorealism of the cars is impressive and the replays and cinematics are excellent but when we look at what surrounds us, that which is designed to immerse us, we lack a lot of detail, life and animation. In my opinion, if you are looking for a feeling of immersion, there is a world beyond the track.

The detailed interiors are a point in its favor but the lighting of these sometimes leaves much to be desired. I have not appreciated such a notable evolution in the graphic section as in other aspects of the video game if we logically compare it with the rival to overcome, which has been Grand Touring Sport.

The weather and the time zone are very good but if we look again at the details, the rain or the mud are as realistic as we could expect and the dirt on the car leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths again.

In the sound section, there is a lot of music, a lot of melody, a lot of tone, but we lack more believable effects such as the screeching of the wheels and others.

Gran Turismo 7 is, in short, what its fans will expect and it will surely go much further than they expect, although perhaps they should have given more details and pampered the world around us.

The video game is very complete and will surely improve over the years like good wine, so the best thing to do would be to give it the opportunity it deserves and dedicate many hours to it.. We cannot deny the evidence that Gran Turismo 7 is the most complete game of all the Gran Turismos that have passed through our hands and it complements GT Sport, includes it and raises it to a new level.

The good

  • You will have everything you longed for from previous deliveries and also Gran Turismo Sport
  • Multitude of vehicles and circuits
  • 30 hours or more of game to which the multiplayer must be added
  • Photorealistic graphics of vehicles and their interiors

What can be improved

  • There is no life around the circuit
  • We have noticed some other graphic error that reduces the realism of the title
  • We should have had a greater perception of the generation gap

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