This is how incredible the 10 most expensive mansions of 2020 are … are several famous?

Así de increíbles son las 10 mansiones más costosas del 2020… ¿varias son de famosos?

2020 seemed to be a very bad year for the world of real estate in the country, however, there were some millionaires who knew how to take advantage of the crisis to get large properties at a much lower price, the following being the most expensive mansions of that year so atypical.

10.- $ 62,600,000 apartment in New York

The 10th position is for an apartment in New York City, the sale of which closed at $ 62.6 million.

The property, located In apartment 71, 220 Central Park South, It has four bedrooms, a library, and a 100-square-foot terrace.

9.- $ 63,000,000 apartment in New York

The ninth position is also for an apartment located at 220 Central Park South, in New York.

The apartment, marked with the number 72, was sold for $ 63,000,000. It has an area of ​​6,000 square feet.

8.- Ranch of $ 63,300,000 dollars in Montecito

The eighth site is for a ranch in Montecito California, which was worth $ 63,300,000, although its owners were originally asking for $ 125,000,000.

The 237-acre, 30,000-square-foot property is located at 2500 East Valley Road. It has 12 bedrooms and had been on the market for six years.

7.- $ 68,000,000 Mansion in Beverly Hills

Seventh place is for a mansion designed by famed architect Richard Meier and is located at 911 Foothill Road in Beverly Hills.

The residence, which was valued at $ 68,000,000, has an area of ​​18,500 square feet and was built on a 3.3-acre lot. At some point it was offered for up to $ 125,000,000.

6.- $ 70,000,000 Mansion in Palm Beach

The former Palm Beach mansion of the Kennedys, known as ‘The Winter White House’, was sold for $ 70,000,000 dollars after a series of renovations that were made in 2015.

The exclusive 15,347-square-foot building is located at 1095 North Ocean Boulevard.

5.- $ 71,900,000 Mansion in Palm Beach

In the middle of the ranking is another Palm Beach mansion, whose value reached $ 71,900,000 dollars.

It is a property, marked with the number 8 of S. Lake Trail, that has an area of ​​three acres and that in 2017 was purchased for only $ 27,000,000 dollars.

4.- $ 88,000,000 Mansion in Los Angeles

On December 23, on the eve of Christmas, the sale of the Owlwood Estate, a historic Los Angeles home that sold for $ 88,000,000.

Built in 1937, the property was worth up to $ 180,000,000 and has been home to celebrities such as Cher, Tony Curtis, and others.

3.- $ 99,900,000 USD Penthouse in New York

The most expensive apartment of the year is a penthouse, located at 220 Central Park South, for which they paid the amount of $ 99,900,000.

The property, which spans the 76th and 77th floors of the exclusive tower, spans 9,000 square feet. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

2.- $ 125,000,000 Mansion in Beverly Hills

The second seat is for a mansion that belonged to Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder of Dreamworks, who sold it for $ 125,000,000.

The home, marked 1025 Loma Vista Dr. in Beverly Hills, was bought by the entertainment mogul for $ 35,000,000 in 2009, when it was just a piece of land.

1.- $ 165,000,000 mansion in Beverly Hills

The most expensive house of the year is in the Beverly Hills area and was bought by one of the richest men in the country, Jeff Bezos, who disbursed the not modest amount of $ 165,000,000, making it even the most expensive house in the history of the city of Los Angeles.

The impressive property, built in 1937, was built by Jack Warner and was also inhabited by tycoon David Geffen.

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