This is how the electric Dodge muscle car you will see in 2024 will sound

This is how the electric Dodge muscle car you will see in 2024 will sound

The Stellantis Day He left us great news about the future of the company that, as you may be imagining, goes through electrification. According to the automaker, we will see a dodge muscle cars electric in 2024 as part of its strategy to accelerate the transition to electrification and develop a new software.

Stellantis will invest 30 billion euros until 2025 to electrify its 14 brands. As part of this investment, the eMuscle programfocused on muscle cars equipped with an electric drivetrain. Yes, it seems that in the United States things will also get serious and we will see it before 2024.

Judging from the brief glimpse Stellantis has given us of their muscle cars electric, it will be something similar to a modern reinterpretation of the 1968 Charger. It’s unclear at this time if it’s a coupe or sports sedan, but it could serve as a replacement for the current Challenger or Charger. In addition, it will give us asound that cannot be imagined«.

An electric Dodge muscle car and much more

Stellantis will develop four all-electric, scalable architectures that will support a variety of vehicle types. They will be compatible with three powertrain modules and have the ability to receive upgrades from software and hardware to extend their life cycles.

The platforms will be called STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Medium and STLA-Frame. Electric drive modules will include the motor, gearbox and inverter, offering FWD, RWD, AWD and 4Xe drives, depending on brand. Each platform will be able to support the production of up to 2 million units per year.

Along with the announcement of the eMuscle program, we have learned that Chrysler will launch a crossover electric, that we will see a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe that will be sold in 2022 and that RAM has confirmed the development of a pick-up electric that will hit the market in 2024.

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