This is how the first two electric Yamahas in history are

This is how the first two electric Yamahas in history are

As is the case in the four-wheel sector, little by little traditional motorcycle manufacturers are encouraged to make the leap to electric mobility. yamaha has been one of the first to take the plunge, in a movement called Switch On and that has already had its first fruits: the two early electric models of the company.

The Japanese firm has chosen to reach electric motorcycles from below, starting with the segments designed for eminently urban use, which is where this type of mechanic makes the most sense.

The first model is Yamaha Neo’s, that recovers a mythical name within the history of Yamaha and that it is a moped inspired by the E02 prototype, shown for the first time in 2019.

Have a minimalist design, with a slightly retro cut, with a black and white color scheme and a double headlight. Its technical specifications have not been revealed, but the logical thing would be for the motor to be integrated into the rear wheel. Judging by the pictures, it seems that the battery is in sightunder the front of the seat.

By regulation, the Neo’s will have a speed limited to 45 km/h and you can drive with the AM permit, which can be obtained from the age of 15. It will go on sale in the spring, but its prices have not yet been revealed.

The Yamaha E01 scooter

The second is the Yamaha EO1, a scooter equivalent to a 125cc model with a more voluminous size and a somewhat more futuristic design. At the front, the main light clusters are positioned very low, leaving the position lights to frame the front shield. It has a small dome and you can see footrest to carry the legs on the flat ground or forward for a more sporty posture.

The seat is more voluminous and the white/black combination is maintained, but details (such as the wheels) are added in a greenish huewhich seems to be the color chosen by the brand for this new branch of electric models.

Nor have its technical specifications been revealed, although to fit into the 125cc segment it will have to have a maximum power of 14.75 hp. To see it on the streets, we will have to wait longer, since a large part of its test program still lies ahead.

Finally, it has also been presented Yamaha B01a midpoint between a electric bicycle with assisted pedaling and a moped, who is thinking of entering shared motorcycle fleets.

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