This is inside the exclusive apartment of Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto in Mexico City

This is inside the exclusive apartment of Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto in Mexico City

This is inside the exclusive apartment of Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto in Mexico City

Irina Baeva Y Gabriel Sotowho expect to get married in the middle of this year, they live in a very nice apartment in the neighborhood of Santa Feone of the most exclusive in the west of Mexico City.

The couple’s home, as we could see in some recent photographs published on their social networks, it is the same in which the Russian actress has lived in recent yearsso its decoration and style prevail, although there is already some influence from Elisa Marie’s father and Alexa Miranda.

The most recent images of their little love nest They were taken during the 47th birthday of the soap opera heartthrobbeing the master bedroom one of the rooms that grabbed the spotlight, although the living room also had a certain role.

Next we give you a tour of some of the rooms of the home where Irina and Gabriel show off their love.

Kitchen room

Its kitchen is open and not very wide. It is equipped with brown cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a bar that is used by the couple to prepare exquisite recipes.

Dining room

Its dining room is made up of a circular table with space for various chairs in a blue tone.

The table not only draws attention for its design, but also for the large number of flowers that Irina usually uses for its decoration.


The room is made up of green and gray sofas, a marble coffee table, glass side tables, some plants and beautiful paintings.


To one side of the room, Irina Baeva set up a kind of office, where she loves to take refuge to study the scripts for her new projects.

main bedroom

The main bedroom, which stands out for its wooden floor, is made up of a large bed with white bedding and white, black and blue covers, as well as a gray headboard and two nightstands.

It also has a series of paintings of tree leaves, with a full-length mirror, with Buddhist figures, with a television and a piece of furniture attached to the window, from where it has beautiful views of Santa Fe.

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