This is Portal, the Ripio wallet to interact with Ethereum and web3

This is Portal, the Ripio wallet to interact with Ethereum and web3

Key facts:
  • It is an extension for web browsers.

  • It uses a multisignature retrieval system, which makes annotating a seed phrase unnecessary.

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The Argentine bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange, gravel, launched Portal. It is a wallet compatible with the smart contracts of Ethereum and other networks, which allows interaction with decentralized applications and the web3.

CriptoNoticias tested the application (which can be accessed in beta mode from the Ripio’s website) and some of its characteristics are detailed in this text.

First of all, it should be mentioned that it is a web browser extension. Like the popular Ethereum wallet, Metamask, it is installed in Google Chrome and thus allows interaction with decentralized finance protocols (DeFi), non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, etc.

Unlike Metamask and most wallets, it does not offer the ability to regain access to the account using the 12 or 24 seed words. But this does not mean that it is a wallet custodial. In other words, in this wallet the user does not delegate the possession of the cryptocurrencies to a third party. gravel has explained that is about a wallet with MPC technology (multi party computing) and uses a multi-signature system.

This is Portal, the Ripio wallet to interact with Ethereum and web3
Ripio wallet supports fungible and non-fungible tokens
(NFT) of the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Source: screenshot / Portal

At the usage level, It is quite similar to other wallets of its type (Chrome extension) and it is very intuitive to send cryptocurrencies, receive them or connect to applications. We tested connecting it to Ethereum’s decentralized exchange, Uniswap, and it was accomplished in seconds via the “injected» that the exchange provides.

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The new wallet of gravel Provides compatibility with both the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon. The latter is a sidechain with much cheaper commissions and faster transaction processing speed.

How to download the Portal wallet, from Ripio?

To access the beta version of the Portal wallet It is necessary to have an account created on the Ripio exchange. You will only be asked for an email address and a password.

This is Portal, the Ripio wallet to interact with Ethereum and web3
To download Portal, you need to access
to the Ripio website and have created
an account on the exchange. Font:
screenshot/ Scrap.

One time inside the platformyou can access the “Portal” section at the bottom left of the website.

After clicking on “Portal” You will be given the download link from the official Google Chrome store… and that’s it!

It is worth clarifying that, on occasion, beta versions of software —because they are test programs— may be limited to certain users or a certain number of downloads.

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