This is the closest gas station, how to find it

This is the closest gas station, how to find it

If you are looking for a way to find the nearest gas station wave nearest cheap gas station, you are in the right place and it is that in this article I am going to show you an easy and fast way to find the nearest gas station in just a few clicks.

Whether you have the reserve light on for a few kilometers or if you are looking to plan a route and do not know if a gas station will be available near your route, this article will help you to finally get a few liters of fuel. .

The closest gas station on Google Maps

Have you tried asking Siri, Google or directly typing in Google Maps for the nearest gas station?

If we activate the location or the GPS of our smartphone and we get into Google maps, we can search “The nearest gas station” and automatically Google Maps will show us a list with the gas stations that are closest to our current location.

Although to search the Google Maps it is more advisable to have GPS activated, with the device’s own location on the network, it will be more than enough for the app to offer us search results close to our estimated location.

cheapest gas station nearby

Thanks to this service from the technology giant Google, in addition to knowing the closest gas station, we will also know the price, the phone number of the service station, the price of gasoline -to know if it is cheap or not- and other details such as the exact address, images and customer reviews that have been to it.

The gas station closest to a specific point (town, city etc …)

Knowing whether or not there are gas stations nearby is good, but as I have told you, it is also good know if there are gas stations near a town or a certain point And the truth is that Google also offers us the solution and gives us the answer.

Just search “The nearest gas station and add the location”, leaving as an example the following, “The closest gas station to Hoyo de Manzanares”.

As you can see, even without knowing anything about the location and without having the GPS activated, Google Maps responds again because it logically knows where we are triangulating with the telephone masts.

nearest gas station in google maps

The nearest Repsol, Cepsa or BP gas station

More and more people are looking for a specific gas station and although we have put three “brands” here, there are dozens. Either by trust, by having a company card or by the loyalty card or points, to find a gas station of a specific brand, we must go back to the previous step and search in Google Maps we must add the brand we are looking for.

This is the closest gas station, how to find it

The nearest cheap gas station

Don’t worry, don’t be ashamed if you are looking for the closest gas station and also the cheapest one because this is something that If you don’t do it today, you sure are spending more money than you should. for practically the same product.

Although in Google Maps we will find the price of some fuels from the nearest gas stations, this is a service that technology does not offer or at least to date.

To find the cheapest gas station nearby we must go to other third party apps and we recommend the following:

Gasoline and Diesel Spain

nearest gas station

Instant Gas Price

nearest cheap gas station

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

Cheap gasoline app

Although there are many more applications, these are the ones that have the best ratings in Google Play Store both by note and by number of downloads and comments, so you can freely download any of them. The one that I personally use is the first of them, that of Gasoline and Diesel Spain since it is one of the first and the one that offers the best information.

If you do not manage with the map that these applications show, calm down, since all of them allow us to finally mark the location and end up in Google Maps that will be in charge of guiding us to the gas station that we have chosen from among those available.

The good thing about these applications is that we can clearly and easily know the price of each of the fuels in an updated way to the second.

Other ways to find the closest gas station

If your car has an integrated navigation system, you can always choose between the POis -Point Of Interesting- a service station and although they are not usually very up-to-date, it can always get us out of a hurry if none of the other options that I have previously suggested.

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